Barristers protest legal aid cuts

Barristers have accused the Government of putting "cuts before justice" over plans to slash £220 million a year from legal aid budgets in criminal cases. The Ministry of Justice says the reforms will hit high-earning barristers.

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MoJ: Barristers claims are 'rewriting history'

The Ministry of Justice said proposed cuts are intended to impact the highest-earning barristers and said that 70% of criminal barristers contracted to Very High Cost Cases receive fee incomes of more than £100,000.

We agree legal aid is a vital part of our justice system and that's why we have to find efficiencies to ensure it remains sustainable and available to those most in need of a lawyer.

We have engaged constructively and consistently with lawyers - including revising our proposals in response to their comments - and to allege we have not is re-writing history.

– Ministry of Justice spokeswoman

Barristers will 'earn £306 a day for routine cases'

Justice Minister Shailesh Vara hit back at barristers' claims that legal aid cuts will "destroy the system," telling BBC Radio 5 Live that even after cuts to Britain's legal aid budget, QCs will earn a minimum of £306 a day from a routine criminal case.

Justice Minister Shailesh Vara says that post-cuts, QCs will earn a minimum of £306 a day from routine criminal cases. Credit: PA

"We have a £2 billion legal aid budget annually, which is one of the most generous in the world, and after the proposed go through it will be £1.5 billion - which will remain one of the most generous in world.

"What we're now doing is looking at the rates paid to the barristers... We are making sure those who are vulnerable, in need of money, and those who need the assistance of legal aid funding do get it."


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