Global launch for Xbox One

The hotly-anticipated Xbox One has gone on sale across the world, with thousands of gamers turning out for the midnight launch. Microsoft claims the console is 'the best', ahead of rival Sony's PS4 release next week - in time for the festive rush.

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XBox One vs Playstation 4: What the experts think

Microsoft's XBox One has launched a week earlier than Sony's Playstation 4, but which console will do best in the Christmas shopping wars? The experts take a closer look.

The XBox One goes up against the Playstation 4 in the Christmas shopping wars. Credit: REUTERS/Nick Adams

"The Xbox One is the more ambitious console, but it just doesn’t quite manage to follow through on all of its potential. Yet.

"The PS4 on the other hand might have less media and voice control powers, but its beefier specs promise a slew of eye-watering exclusive titles further down the line."

The Playstation 4 Credit: REUTERS/David McNew

"In terms of functionality, polish, and games, the Xbox One is the better console.

"The Xbox One is a better launch-day console than the PS4, but I don’t think we’ll see a real leader emerge for a year or two: Microsoft needs to push a lot of software patches, and Sony needs to publish some games that really take advantage of the PS4?s superior hardware."

"Microsoft has made bold promises of dedicated servers for multiplayer games and it has the track record to back them up.

"If online mutiplayer is more important to you than anything else, we'd be leaning towards the Xbox One."

The XBox One on display earlier this year. Credit: Christoph Dernbach/DPA/Press Association Images

"Both systems are evenly matched in many respects and should be able to usher in the next generation of gaming that the [Nintendo] Wii U hasn't been able to deliver."


Xbox One: Key features of Microsoft's newest console

The new Xbox One console costs £429, and comes with one controller. Here's what users can expect:

  • Voice and gesture recognition
  • 500GB hard drive
  • Video recording capability of gaming - up to 30 seconds
  • Snap feature allows users to run two applications at once
  • Runs TV Kinect-powered
  • Launches with three games: Dead Rising 3, a zombie survival game; Forza Motorsport 5

US fans wait in line for new Xbox One

Armoured vehicles delivered Microsoft's new Xbox One to a launch event in New York as US fans queued up to buy the eagerly-awaited console, which went on sale at midnight.

A man dressed as a zombie plays video games on an Xbox One console during a midnight launch event in New York. Credit: Reuters

The Times Square event followed the same theme as an earlier launch in London, with actors dressed as characters from the Xbox One game "Ryse: Son of Rome" and as zombies from Dead Rising 3.

Fans wait in line to purchase an Xbox One at an event celebrating the console's midnight launch in New York. Credit: Reuters

Dedicated gamers donned gloves and hats as they brave hours in New York's chilly autumn temperatures to ensure they got hold of the $500 (£309) console.

Best Buy employees work to unload an armoured vehicle filled with Day One edition Xbox One consoles for a midnight launch event in New York Credit: Reuters

America prepares for Xbox One launch

Gamers in the US took to Twitter ahead of the midnight launch of the Xbox One in New York and Los Angeles.

Microsoft's eagerly anticipated new console went on sale in London at 12pm.

Xbox One is 'built for the future' say makers

Microsoft's corporate vice president Phil Harrison - a former director at Sony - described the new Xbox One as "built for the future" as the eagerly awaited console hit the market.

Xbox One is a complete, all-in-one system which has the best games, the best online service in Xbox Live, the best entertainment experiences and is built for the future.

With the strongest line-up of games we've ever seen for a new console, pre-orders from fans across the UK are at unprecedented levels...

The games industry is evolving and growing fast, and we are proud to have so many British developers and creators helping to drive the new Xbox One era.

– Phil Harrison, Microsoft


Thousands gather for Microsoft's 'best' Xbox One

Thousands of gamers flocked to the midnight launch of Microsoft's hotly-anticipated Xbox One in London, as the technology giant hailed the new console "the best".

The launch of Xbox One in Leicester Square, central London. Credit: PA

Singers Plan B and Katy B provided the entertainment, along with performers dressed as zombies from Dead Rising 3 and a Roman legion from Ryse: Son of Rome, while England footballer Andros Townsend battled it out on stage with a competition winner.

Gaming enthusiasts have flocked to central London for the launch of the hotly-anticipated Xbox One. Credit: PA

With the launch of Sony's PS4 next week, Microsoft has a head start on its rival in the run-up to Christmas.

Microsoft has thrown down the gauntlet to its rivals by hailing the hotly-anticipated Xbox One as 'the best' Credit: PA

"We're proud and excited that Xbox One is going to be the biggest launch in Xbox history," Microsoft's Phil Harrison said.

Crowds await Xbox One midnight launch in cold London

Gaming enthusiasts have flocked to central London for the launch of the hotly-anticipated Xbox One.

Gaming enthusiasts got a taste of the new console.

With the launch of Sony's PS4 next week, Microsoft has a head start on its rival in the run-up to Christmas for its all-in-one entertainment device.

The Xbox One - which goes on sale at midnight - costs £429.99

Crowds await the midnight launch.

London's Leicester Square was transformed into a fantasy world overrun by zombies from and a Roman legion from Xbox games.

Leicester Square was transformed into fantasy land.
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