npower to cut 1,460 jobs

Energy giant npower is planning 1,460 redundancies as part of restructuring proposals, the company confirmed today.

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Labour MPs slam npower over 'irresponsible' job cuts

Labour MPs have criticised the "irresponsible behaviour" of energy giant npower after it announced job cuts affecting 1,460 workers in the UK.

Stoke-on-Trent North MP Joan Walley said it was the "last straw" from one of the so-called "Big Six" energy companies.

Joan Walley, the Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent North, whose constituency is facing job losses due to npower's plans. Credit: ITV News

Ms Walley's fears were echoed by her Labour colleague Tom Blenkinsop, who has constituents that could also be affected by the cuts.

Energy Secretary Ed Davey admitted it was a "very worrying announcement".

npower 'aims to deliver improved customer experience'

The chief executive of npower said its restructuring proposals aim to deliver a more "efficient, flexible and improved customer experience".

Paul Massara said in statement:

I understand that these changes would be incredibly hard for some of our employees and we’ll be doing everything we can to support them over the next few months.

This restructure is necessary if we are to deliver the levels of service our customers deserve.

We would have the flexibility to keep call waiting times down during busy periods, and continue to keep costs down so we can keep bills down.


The regional impact of npower's proposals

Energy company npower has confirmed it is planning 1,460 redundancies in the UK as part of restructuring plans.

Under the proposals, the main impacts regionally would be:

  • npower's offices in Stoke on Trent would close, affecting 550 employees
  • One of three offices in Oldbury would close and around 400 face redundancy
  • Around 430 employees face redundancy at Rainton Bridge, Sunderland
  • Approximately 80 employees at npower's site in Leeds face redundancy
  • npower's site in Thornaby would close, but all roles would be relocated to Rainton
  • Although there would be no redundancies at the Peterlee offices, several teams will be moved between the Rainton and Peterlee offices

The firm said around 540 existing staff will be transferred to retail outsourcer Capita "to allow customers to benefit from the expertise of npower's existing employees".

npower job losses announcement expected

Energy giant npower is expected to announce plans to move more than a thousand jobs abroad and transfer hundreds of others to another company.

It is believed that:

  • 1,400 jobs will be offshore to India and around 570 transferred to another company.
  • The GMB union said sites at Peterlee, Stoke and Thornaby, near Middlesbrough will close.
  • The expected news follows a number of cost-saving announcements from npower since its German owner RWE said earlier this month that *6,750 *jobs would be cut across Europe.


GMB: npower job losses are 'an absolute scandal'

The GMB union said npower sites at Peterlee, Thornaby, near Middlesbrough and Stoke will close.

This is about cost of living, bad management and naked greed. It is an absolute scandal that a company like npower can operate as a cartel player in a captive market, while jobs are placed offshore, we import energy and the npower chief executive cocks a snook at the regulators and taxpayer by taking his annual bonus.

– Colin Smith, GMB's Northern Region senior organiser

npower 'moving 1,400 jobs to India'

Energy giant npower is moving 1,400 jobs to India as part of a major review of UK operations, according to Press Association sources.

Read: npower to cut 1,400 jobs in the UK

It is understood that frontline call centre operations will be outsourced to a third party in the UK, whilst back-office work would move to India. Unison union criticised the move saying the expected decision was a "Christmas nightmare for staff and customers." National officer Matthew Lay said:

If the company goes ahead with this disastrous plan, it will backfire badly, damaging their already tarnished reputation for customer service. At a time when unemployment is high, what commitment does it show to the UK by shipping these much-needed jobs abroad? And what does this say about their commitment to staff when npower have kept them on tenterhooks, waiting for the axe to fall, for weeks?

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