PM: £5.6bn deals agreed during China trip

David Cameron has claimed £5.6 billion in business deals have been agreed between the UK and China during his three-day trip to the country.

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Cameron meets Chinese owners of London's cabs

Mr Cameron had a reminder of home as he met the chairman of China's biggest vehicle manufacturer Geely, which now owns the makers of London's famous black taxis, Manganese Bronze Holdings.

Prime Minister David Cameron looks at a black cab with Geely Chairman Li Shufu. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Geely has announced an £80 million investment into research and production of the new hybrid TX5 model, expected to create 500 new jobs at the Coventry plant, quadrupling the workforce.

After meeting company chairman Li Shifu in Shanghai, the Prime Minister said:

"Black cabs are synonymous with London. Getting one in Shanghai today highlights how the links between the UK and China can bring rewards for both - Chinese investment helping British businesses to succeed and grow."


UK 'not a big power in the eyes of China'

Chinese newspaper The Global Times has dismissed Prime Minister David Cameron's "ice-breaking" visit and the strategic importance of the UK in a scathing editorial.

The pro-government paper criticised Cameron's meeting with the Dalai Lama last year, as well as his "stance on certain issues". It said:

The Cameron administration should acknowledge that the UK is not a big power in the eyes of the Chinese.

It is just an old European country apt for travel and study. This has gradually become the habitual thought of the Chinese people.


PM set to be grilled over student visas on China tour

David Cameron is set to be grilled on the UK's regime for student visas when he faces questions from students at a Shanghai university on the second day of his visit to China.

David Cameron is on a three day visit to China. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

The coalition Government's moves to tighten up the visa system and shut down "bogus" colleges have been blamed in some quarters for putting off students from emerging economies such as China from coming to Britain to study.

The Prime Minister is determined to get across the message that there is "no limit" on the number of Chinese students who can come to the UK, so long as they have English language skills and a place at a university.

Before flying out to China, Mr Cameron said he wanted to increase the 100,000-plus Chinese students already in the UK.

In a visit dedicated to boosting UK trade with China, Mr Cameron will also meet entrepreneur Jack Ma, creator of China's biggest e-commerce firm Alibaba.

PM's trade talks go ahead but on China's terms

David Cameron has been having talks on trade with China's leaders but on their terms.

He has had to agree not to visit the Dalai Lama again, with his previous visit having upset Beijing, and he took part in a news conference where no questions from journalists were allowed.

ITV News deputy political editor Chris Ship reports:

A Chinese banquet fit for a prime minister

Chinese president Xi Jinping has held a lavish dinner banquet for Prime Minister David Cameron during his state visit to China, including delicacies such as sturgeon's marrow, steamed duck and boiled lobster claw:

  • Sturgeon's marrow and bamboo fungus soup
  • Boiled lobster claw with peach gum with saffron
  • Coldfish roll with bacon
  • Sauteed shredded pork in chilli and garlic sauce
  • Steamed duck and taro past with rice wine
  • Assorted vegetables in casserole
  • Glutinous rice congee with gingko

The meal was followed be desserts of pastries and fruits, and accompanied by wines from China's Shandong region.

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