Fuel bill cuts after Govt pledge

British Gas is to cut duel fuel bills and other energy firms have announced price freezes after the Government revealed measures it hopes will cut bills by an average of £50 a year. But Ed Miliband has dismissed the plans as "smoke and mirrors".

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Main measures confirmed in Energy Statement

The main measures confirmed in Ed Davey's Energy Statement are as follows:

  • Government will provide £300m in both 2014 and 2015 - £600m in all - for a new rebate to all domestic electricity customers worth £12 each year
  • It will consult on reforming the Energy Companies Obligation to make it cheaper, knocking £30-35 off average bill next year
  • The Affordable Warmth and Carbon Saving Community Obligation - schemes which help low-income and vulnerable households - will be maintained at current levels and extended until March 2017
  • The electricity distribution network operators will make voluntary improvements worth £5 from the average energy bill

He says these measures combined will result in saving worth £50 on the average energy bill.


  1. Laura Kuenssberg

Ed Davey: Energy firms wanted to 'slash' govt charges

Energy Secretary Ed Davey told ITV News' Business Editor Laura Kuenssberg that energy firms wanted to "slash" government charges, but that ministers refused.


Your views: Ministers' pledge to energy cut bills by £50

The Government said its energy announcement will save households an average of £50 a year.

Here are a selection of ITV News viewers' opinions on the subject:

Too little too late, the energy market needs major reform. People are dying because they can't afford to heat their homes!

This Government is out of touch thinking £50 will make a difference to a £1,500 bill.

– Julian Halstead

£50 is a good start, but I think more could be done.

– Heather McIntyre

[It's] not enough - how will this help the elderly and the unemployed, or people on very low wages?

With all the profits they make they could let us all have a year's free energy!

– Judi Desouza

ScottishPower 'to try and avoid further price rises'

ScottishPower said it will "try and avoid further price rises in 2014" but stressed this will "depend on whether there are increases in wholesale energy prices or other costs outside our control".

ScottishPower has welcomed the Government's proposals on energy bills. Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire

The energy firm said the taxpayer funded £12 rebate will be applied to all households "in line with the Government timetable" of two years.

Retail chief executive Neil Clitheroe said, “We welcome all of these changes proposed by Government, especially those to the ECO programme, as they represent a strong commitment to have a more rational debate on energy policy in the UK".

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