Drink driving 'snowball effect'

The "snowball effect" of a drink driving conviction could cost the defendant their job as well as their licence, the Government has warned.

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Govt: Drink-driving has 'lifelong' consequences

Road safety minister Robert Goodwill warned young people to think twice before drink driving. Credit: DaybreakITV

Young people are putting their entire future at risk if they decide to get behind the wheel when drunk, the road safety minister warned.

Robert Goodwill told Daybreak despite road safety campaigns and stigmatisation, 280 people had died on Britain's roads last year because of drink driving.

He urged young people in particular to be careful during the Christmas party season:

"Young people don't see the consequences. They will think, 'well, I'll lose my licence for a year, I won't be able to drive,' but there will be long-term, lifelong effects.

"We are also tightening up some of the rules in future which will mean you will be able to be convicted on the roadside breath test, and not have the option of going back to the police station."

'One in three' drink drivers lose their jobs, warns AA

One in three people convicted of drink driving lose their jobs and all suffer "dramatic" and "traumatic" effects, the head of a car insurance giant warned.

AA president Edmund King added drink driving "hiked" up the price of vehicle insurance:

Drink-drive convictions have dramatic and traumatic snowball effects. One third of people will lose their jobs and experience years of hiked insurance premiums.

A snowball might melt away quickly while the effects of a driving ban last way beyond any winter thaw. If you are going to drive - don't drink. If you are going to drink - don't drive

– AA president Edmund King


Govt: Drink drivers could lose more than their licence

Drivers who get behind the wheel drunk risk losing more than their licence, the Government has warned.

Drivers could lose their jobs and damage future employment opportunities if they are caught drink driving, according to the Government. Credit: PA

The Government is urging drivers to consider the "snowball effect" of a drink driving conviction ahead of the Christmas party season, as part of their latest THINK! campaign.

People who drive as part of their job would be particularly at risk if they were caught drunk behind the wheel, as they would be denied access to millions of jobs which use criminal record checks to assess potential employees.

These jobs include professional driving jobs, teachers, care workers and jobs in banks and finance.

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