Regular exercise 'cuts risk of dementia', researchers claim

Regular exercise could radically cut the risk of dementia, Cardiff University researchers claim. They studied the lifestyles of 2,235 men over a 35-year period. David Cameron is hosting a conference with major nations about the disease on Wednesday.

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Healthy lifestyle 'more effective' than any medicine

A healthy lifestyle has a "far more beneficial effect" than doctors originally thought, with new findings showing a huge drop in the risk of developing the dementia as one of the benefits, according to scientists

Cardiff University's principle investigator professor Peter Elwood said the results of a 35-year-long study into dementia showed how living healthily was more effective than "any medical treatment or preventative procedure".

What the research shows is that following a healthy lifestyle confers surprisingly large benefits to health - healthy behaviours have a far more beneficial effect than any medical treatment or preventative procedure.

Taking up and following a healthy lifestyle is however the responsibility of the individual him or herself. Sadly, the evidence from this study shows that very few people follow a fully healthy lifestyle.

Our findings reveal that while the number of people who smoke has gone down since the study started, the number of people leading a fully healthy lifestyle has not changed.

– Principle Investigator Professor Peter Elwood from Cardiff University's School of Medicine


Healthy lifestyle leads to '60% decline' in dementia risk

Consistently following a healthy lifestyle could lead to a 60% drop in the chance a man has of developing dementia, a 35-year-long study into the disease has conlcuded.

Researchers at Cardiff University found male non-smokers who exercised regularly, stuck to a healthy diet, limited their alcohol intake and kept their bodyweight low reduced their risk.The report also said:

  • Those who stuck to at least four out of five points of a healthy lifestyle reduced their chance of cognitive decline by 60%.
  • There were also 70% drop in the cases of diabetes, heart disease and stroke by those who lived healthily.

Exercise could reduce risk of dementia in men

Men who regularly exercise could see their chances of developing dementia significantly reduce, new research suggests.

The research, completed by Cardiff University, monitored the lifestyle habits of 2,235 men over a 35-year period and found that exercise reduced the risk of dementia.

Exercise could significantly reduce the risk of dementia in men. Credit: PA Wire

The study identified healthy behaviours including regular exercise, non-smoking, a low bodyweight, a healthy diet and a low alcohol intake as being integral to having the best chance of leading a disease-free lifestyle.

The study comes ahead of a G8 summit on Wednesday to look at the funding and research into dementia.

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