Estimated 100,000 see Mandela lying in state

An estimated 100,000 people have seen Nelson Mandela lying in state in Pretoria, according to the South African government. Tens of thousands of mourners were also turned away. His body has now been moved ahead of his funeral on Sunday.

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'Around 100,000 people' viewed Nelson Mandela's body

Crowds are already building at the airport in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, ahead of the arrival of the plane carrying Nelson Mandela's body. Credit: Reuters/Siegfried Modola

The South African government has estimated around 100,000 passed by Nelson Mandela's coffin while it laid in state for three days at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, including more than 50,000 on the final day.

A statement said: "(The) government reiterates its appreciation to all the people of our country for taking time off from their daily schedules to travel to the Union Buildings to bid President Mandela farewell.

"The expression of love and support has brought immense comfort to the family and loved ones of Tata Madiba."


Mandela's body carried away after lying in state

Nelson Mandela's body has been moved after lying in state in Pretoria for three days, with many South African mourners denied the chance to see their former leader for a final time.

The anti-apartheid leader's coffin was carried away from the Union Buildings, where his body has been on public display.
Thousands of people have filed past Mr Mandela's body since Wednesday, though many have also been turned away on the final day's viewing.
Mr Mandela's body will be buried at his ancestral home on Sunday.

Tens of thousands hoping to see Mandela turned away

Mourners fall in a stampede as they run to queue before boarding buses to take them to the Union Buildings Credit: REUTERS/Mujahid Safodien

Tens of thousands of mourners have been turned away after flocking to say a personal goodbye to Nelson Mandela on the final day of his lying in state.

People wait in a bus line to pay their respects to Nelson Mandela. Credit: REUTERS/Yves Herman

At one of the gathering points to board buses in Pretoria the crowd broke through the metal entrance gate when officers tried to stop people coming through.

A man falls to the ground as mourners push through the metal gates in Pretoria. Credit: REUTERS/Mujahid Safodien

Some fell to the ground and hundreds streamed past before order was restored.


Thousands gather for Mandela's last day of lying in state

Thousands of mourners have lined the streets of Pretoria to pay their respects to Nelson Mandela where he is lying in state for a third and final day.

Mourners line along the street as the funeral cortege drives to the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Credit: Reuters/Thomas Mukoya
Women sing and dance as the hearse drives past them. Credit: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun
People react as the hearse carrying Nelson Mandela travels through a street in Pretoria. Credit: REUTERS/Yves Herman

People patiently queue to see Mandela despite heat

Despite the intense midday heat, South Africans have been queuing patiently for their turn to see Nelson Mandela as he lies in state for a second day in Pretoria.

The queue to view Nelson Mandela's body at the Union Buildings in Pretoria Credit: ITV News/Nicky Russell-Smith
South Africans wear Nelson Mandela stickers with pride Credit: ITV News/Nicky Russell-Smith
Scores of buses ferry people to the Union Buildings Credit: ITV News/Nicky Russell-Smith

South Africans line up to pay their respects to Mandela

South Africans are waiting to view the body of former President Nelson Mandela for a second day at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

Elderly and infirm wait in line to pay their respects to Mandela Credit: ITV News/Nicky Russell-Smith
Military personnel line up to pay their respects Credit: ITV News/Nicky Russell-Smith
A book of condolence is signed at the Union Buildings Credit: ITV News/Nicky Russell-Smith

Mourners line streets for Mandela funeral cortege

Mourners gathered on the streets of the South African capital Pretoria as the funeral cortege carrying the coffin of former South African President Nelson Mandela was driven through the streets.

The funeral cortege carrying Nelson Mandela being escorted through the streets of Pretoria. Credit: Reuters

South African police outriders escorted the cortege to the Union Buildings from 1 Military Hospital, where the body of the former South African Presdient is held overnight, ahead of his burial on Sunday.

People sing and dance before the cortege passes. Credit: Reuters
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