Jurors urged to forget about Travis' 'celebrity' status

Jurors at the trial of Dave Lee Travis have been urged to forget about his fame and treat him as a "normal member of the public", during the prosecution's closing speech. He denies 13 charges of indecent assault and one of sexual assault.

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Jury retires to consider Dave Lee Travis trial verdicts

Dave Lee Travis denies 13 indecent assaults and one sexual assault. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Jurors in the trial of veteran DJ Dave Lee Travis have retired to consider their verdicts.

The former Top Of The Pops presenter is charged with indecently assaulting 10 women and sexually assaulting another in alleged incidents dating back to 1976.

The trial at London's Southwark Crown Court has heard that Travis,68, is alleged to have been an "opportunist" who assaulted "vulnerable" young woman.

He is charged with 13 counts of indecent assault dating between 1976 and 2002, and one count of sexual assault in 2008.

Roache's not guilty verdict 'irrelevant' to DLT case

Jurors in the trial of veteran DJ Dave Lee Travis have been asked to disregard the verdicts of the William Roache trial and not be influenced by sex offence allegations against other celebrities, a judge has warned.

DJ Dave Lee Travis arrives at Southwark Crown Court in London Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Judge Anthony Leonard told jurors to forget Travis, who is charged with 13 indecent assaults and one sexual assault, is famous as they deliberate their verdicts.

"During the course of this trial alone Rolf Harris has appeared here and Bill Roache has been tried elsewhere.The verdicts of the jury in the Bill Roache trial are all irrelevant to your consideration of this case.There is no such thing as guilty or innocence by association," said the judge.


Prosecutor brands Dave Lee Travis 'a dirty old man'

Prosecutor Miranda Moore QC has told jurors at the trial of Dave Lee Travis to forget about his fame and treat him as a "normal member of the public, no more nor less".

Directing jurors to find Travis guilty, Ms Moore branded him a "dirty old man" and said "his celebrity might have given him protection in the past".

Referring to an alleged "pattern of consistent behaviour" she went on: "Why did 16 women make broadly similar allegations about the same man stretching back 30 years? And the answer is they're telling the truth."

Mr Travis denies 13 indecent assaults and one sexual assault.

Prosecutor urges Travis jury to bring 'sceptism' to case

Dave Lee Travis denies 13 indecent assaults and one sexual assault. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

The prosecutor in the trial of former BBC Radio One DJ Dave Lee Travis has asked jurors to consider the atmosphere at the corporation during in the 1970s and 80s.

In her closing speech, Miranda Moore QC said: "Was the BBC a utopia where women were free from unwanted attention, where the DJs behaved - apart from Savile.

"Where there were no rumours of untoward behaviour - apart from Savile. Where every complaint was dealt with properly?"

"I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen, but my expression to that is 'Oh please...'.", she added.

Ms Moore told the jury to "bring your scepticism" to the case, adding that while they might not feel the allegations are as serious as in other sex offence cases, "it is not for you to judge degrees of guilt.

"You judge whether the counts have been carried out on the indictment."

Travis was a 'big pussycat' says Pan's People dancer

A former dancer with Top Of The Pops troupe Pan's People has told London's Southwark Crown Court that veteran DJ Dave Lee Travis was a "big pussycat".

Patricia "Dee Dee Wilde", who was a regular on the show in the 1960s and 1970s, also described him as an "absolute professional" and a "lovely man".

She added that "absolutely never" did she witness him do anything inappropriate on the show.

Mr Travis is charged with 13 counts of indecent assault dating back to between 1976 and 2003, and one count of sexual assault. He denies all the charges.

Nude model: Dave Lee Travis was 'very professional'

Dave Lee Travis denies 13 indecent assaults and one sexual assault. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

A women who modelled for DJ Dave Lee Travis said he was "very professional" when he took naked pictures of her at his house, London's Southwark Crown Court has heard.

Elisabeth Birks said she met Travis at a charity event and he asked if he could take photos of her after he saw that she had interesting tattoos.

She subsequently visited the DJ's home with her husband for the photo session.

Ms Birks said:"He just made me feel very comfortable...Dave was very professional about it."

Asked if he ever did anything inappropriate, Ms Birks said: "No, not at all.

"I felt comfortable for the whole thing. "Everything was fine", he added.


Dave Lee Travis 'a jolly great chap to work with'

The elder Chuckle Brother, Barry Elliott, described former DJ Dave Lee Travis as a "jolly great chap to work with" whilst appearing as a defence witness in his trial for sexual charges. Appearing at London's Southwark Crown Court, Mr Elliott said he could not recall the alleged offences. He said:

He was fine as far as I can recall. He was fine. He was great. I mean everybody seemed to get on.

Asked if he remembered Travis ever "struggling" with a young female in his dressing room, Mr Elliott said:

I don't remember that no. If it was something serious we probably would, but I don't remember anything like that at all.

Chuckle Brother 'completely surprised' by DLT claims

One of the Chuckle Brothers told the trial of former DJ Dave Lee Travis that he was "completely surprised" to hear claims he assaulted a woman at a pantomime they were starring in.

Entertainers Paul and Barry Elliott starred alongside Travis in a production of Aladdin in the early 1990s.

Paul Elliot (right) said he did not recall the alleged incident. Credit: Press Association

The woman previously told the court her ordeal ended when they were interrupted by one of the Chuckle Brothers walking past in the corridor.

Giving evidence today, Paul Elliott, 66, was asked whether he recalled any inappropriate behaviour by the former DJ. He responded:

"No sorry, I don't. As I say it was a complete surprise. [...]

"Not that I recall, not at all. I think I would remember."

Dave Lee Travis groping claim 'pure nonsense'

A female DJ told a court that claims that former Radio 1 star Dave Lee Travis groped a carnival princess at the opening of a hospital radio station are "fantasy".

The woman, who worked as a presenter at the station, said she watched Travis closely when he appeared as a guest at the launch.

He was with his wife the whole time. I was watching what he was doing the whole time because he was an idol to me.

It's utter nonsense or fantasy that anything like that happened.

He was, he is, a great DJ, an amazing person. It was just really, really exciting to have him come and open the radio station.

The alleged incident is said to have taken place in the early 1970s, but is not part of the charges against Travis.

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