Over 330,000 Brits diagnosed with cancer each year

Just under a third of a million people are diagnosed with cancer ever year, figures from Cancer Research UK have shown. More than 330,000 found out they had some form of the disease in 2011, the health charity said.

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Charity: Research 'the only way' to beat cancer

A cancer scientist has called for more research into cancer after figures showed a rise in the number of people diagnosed with the disease.

Cancer Research UK's chief executive Dr Harpal Kumar said:

These figures reinforce the vital need for more research to better prevent, treat and cure cancer.

As the population ages, more people than ever before will be told: 'you have cancer'.

Research is the only way we'll be able to reduce the devastating impact of the disease.

One day we will beat cancer. The more research we do, the sooner that day will come.

– chief executive of Cancer Research UK Dr Harpal Kumar

Cancer diagnoses 'soar' over last 40 years

The number of people suffering from cancer has soared since the 1970s, a leading health charity has warned.

According to data released by Cancer Research UK:

  • In 1975 around 295 of every 100,000 people were diagnosed with some form of cancer.
  • This number rose to almost 400 by 2011.
  • Cancer Research blamed an ageing population and lifestyle factors, like excessive drinking or being overweight for the rise.
  • While the rates are going up, the number of people surviving the disease is also on the rise.
  • In the 1970s just 23% of cancer patients survived for 10 years, this climbed to 46% in 2007.


Cancer diagnoses numbers rise to 330,000

The number of people diagnosed with some form of cancer reached almost a third of a million in 2011, Cancer Research have said.

The rise in the number of people diagnosed with cancer is being blamed on a growing elderly population. Credit: PA

More than 330,000 people were found to have the disease where as ten years ago 283,000 were diagnosed, the health charity said.

The charity said that the rates of diagnosis have soared by more than a third since the mid 1970s.

Britain's ageing population was one of the reasons behind the rise in cancer rates, according to the charity.

88% want doctors to check cancer symptoms further

The overwhelming majority of cancer patients would like doctors to check their symptoms much sooner than they currently do, research suggests.

Most patients want doctors to check if they have cancer, even if there is only a 1% chance. Credit: PA

At least 88% of the 3,649 people who were quizzed by scientists from Bristol University, the University of Exeter Medical School and the University of Cambridge, said they wanted doctors to investigate their symptoms further.

The participants, all over 40, said they wanted further tests done even if there was only a 1% chance of having cancer.

There are no fixed thresholds in the UK, but in practice, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines suggest patients need to have symptoms which indicate a five per cent risk or higher before further tests for most cancers are carried out.

Dr Jonathan Banks, of Bristol University, said: "This large study provides a clear and comprehensive account of public preference for investigation for cancer."

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