'Huge rise' in domestic violence victims at risk of losing children

There has been a "huge rise" in victims of domestic violence at risk of losing their children, according to new research by charity Family Rights group. It claims social services are more cautious because of high-profile child murders like Baby P.

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Government is 'not cutting' domestic violence funding

Domestic violence victims are increasingly likely to be at risk of having their children being taken into care, according to Family Rights Group.

The charity also claims that victims are being failed as services to help women escape violent partners are being cut.

Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker told the Guardian: "The Government is not cutting funding for domestic violence services. On the contrary, we have ring-fenced nearly £40 million to provide support for victims to escape abusive situations."


Welfare reforms 'leaving abuse victims few options'

Victims of domestic abuse are being failed by social services as an increasingly amount of care orders are being placed on children living in homes that experience violence, whilst services to help women escape violent partners are being cut, new research reveals.

The increasing involvement of social workers with families where there is domestic violence, and women’s fear their children may be removed, could prevent some mothers from reporting abuse, Family Rights Group said.

Welfare reforms are compounding the problem as women have fewer places to go for support and the long-term care necessary to leave violent partners, Cathy Ashley from the Family Rights Groups said.

Domestic abuse victim 'suicidal' after losing children

A woman who was in an abusive relationship for several years and gave her children up for adoption described her heartbreak at being forced to make her agonising decision.

Angela Rose went to social services for help when she was being abused by her partner, but she said it felt like they were "against her" and that she was forced into giving her children up.

Angela Rose turned to social services for help when she was being abused, but she said she was forced into giving them up for adoption. Credit: Handout.

She is calling for social services to provide more resources to help women partners, instead of pushing "last resort" options on to woman like her when they are at their most vulnerable. She said:

"It wasn't just physical abuse it was mental abuse as well. I had lost my identity. I was trying to protect myself and my children. I didn't have any support and when I cried out for help the only place for me to go was social services. Instead of helping me I felt they were against me.

"I understand the children need protecting, that is priority but surely adoption is the last resort and keeping the children and mother together has to be the preferred option.

"I did not want to give my children up but at the time it felt like there was no other option and I had lost control. I think about my children everyday, it is heartbreaking.I was suicidal after I lost them."

Social services 'failing domestic violence victims'

Social services are failing victims of domestic violence by putting an increasing amount of children on child protection plans and into care, without providing support to enable mothers to leave violent partners, the chief executive of Family Rights Group told ITV News

Women are being failed by social services, losing their children and sometimes being unable to get them back. Credit: PA Wire

Cathy Ashley said agencies have become more risk averse in the wake of the Baby P killing and are more likely to put children on child protection plans that result in the child being taken away from the violent household.

Family Rights Group said the number of women contacting them for assistance whose children are subject to a child protection plan due to domestic abuse has increased by 108% in the past two years.

Rise in domestic abuse victims at risk of losing children

There has been a huge rise in the number of domestic violence victims facing the prospect of having their children put under child protection plans by social services, and having their children taken into care, new research by the Family Rights Group seen by ITV News has revealed.

Women are being "doubly victimised" by violent partners and then social services. Credit: PA Wire

The Family Rights Group says support for the adult victims is increasingly being eroded and women have very few, if any options as they are "doubly victimised" by their partners and social services.


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