Not enough being done to protect pubs, say Labour

At least 26 pubs a week are closing their doors for good and the Government needs to do more to protect landlords, according to Labour. In an opposition day debate, Labour will call on the coalition to include new legislation in the Queen's Speech.

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Some pub owners earning 'less than minimum wage'

"Over half" of pub landlords tied into a relationship with a specific company were on less than minimum wage. Credit: Daybreak/ITV

"Over half" of pub landlords are earning less than £15,000 per year because they are "tied in" to a relationship with a major pub company, according to the shadow minister for pubs.

"There has been a number of studies suggesting that people who have a pub with one of the big pub companies are going to be earning less than minimum wage.

"Over half of them earn less than minimum wage - and doing long, long hours. So it is really a major issue for those people and it is a big issue for the communities that see those pubs go under."

'Costly rents and high beer prices' force pub closures

Landlords are permanently calling time at their bar because their profits are squeezed by "costly rents and high beer prices", an expert has said.

Speaking ahead of Labour's campaign to get a statutory code through Parliament, the chief executive of the Campaign for Real Ale, Mike Benner, said:

Pubs are closing as a result of big pub companies squeezing the profits of publicans with costly rents and high beer prices.

We are backing the Government's plans to act, but words and proposals need to be translated into urgent action via the introduction of a statutory code, Pubs Watchdog, a guest beer right and a market rent only option for licensees tied to the large pub companies.

– Mike Benner Campaign for Real Ale


Govt under fire for not doing enough to protect pubs

The Government need to speed up measures aimed to protect pubs and their landlords after it emerged 26 a week are closing down, Labour have said.

Labour wants more to be done to protect the local pub. Credit: PA

They plan to use an opposition day debate to urge the Coalition to introduce a statutory code to protect landlords from exploitation at the hands of large companies.

Legislation was drawn up last year but kicked into the long grass to consider the huge number of responses the proposed laws received.

Shadow pubs minister Toby Perkins said: "A broad coalition including Camra, business organisations and trade unions are backing a new statutory code with teeth."

He continued: "A year ago, in response to pressure from campaigners and Labour, ministers said they'd take action but 12 months later they've failed to do so."

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