Ed Miliband to call for faster flooding insurance claims

Insurance bosses will meet ministers to discuss their response to the flood crisis. Victims have received £14m in emergency payments so far. Ed Miliband will call for faster processing of insurance claims when he too meets industry representatives.

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Ed Miliband to call for faster flooding insurance claims

Labour leader Ed Miliband will call for faster processing of insurance claims when he too meets industry representatives and people who have suffered flooding.

Labour leader Ed Miliband (right) and Victoria Groulef (left), Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Reading West. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Initial payments should be made within a month, he will suggest, and a new industry standard set to greatly reduce the maximum wait to have a claim completed and return home.That could take more than a year at present, Labour said.


Horses struggling to survive in flooded Leicester field

The herd was seen in a waterlogged field near the Fosse Shopping Park in Leicestershire. Credit: SWNS

A horse carcass has been photographed along with other animals "too exhausted" to move in flooded fields in Leicester.

"I clocked what I thought was a horse lying down in the field and I thought that would be really exceptional because they would normally try and stay on their feet," said farrier Mark Johnson, 51.

Other horses were seen crammed into the driest areas of the field. A decaying horse carcass has been cropped out of the image. Credit: SWNS

"But when I got closer I realised it was the decomposing corpse. It was awful - it was just left there, rotting away.

"Then I saw another horse, a foal, lying down at the end of the field by the water line, we tried for a while to get it up and out but it was just too exhausted," he said.

Two severe flood warnings, 121 warnings still in place

The Environment Agency currently has two severe flood warnings, 121 warnings and 169 alerts in place across England and Wales.

The Environment Agency's live flood warning map. Credit: Environment Agency

The severe flood warnings are in place in the Southwest - Salt Moor and North Moor including Moorland and the A361 East Lyng to Burrowbridge.

Severe flood warnings are issued when flooding presents a real danger to life.

3 in 4 Brits think Government 'not in control' of floods

Nearly three quarters of Brits (72%) now think the Government does not appear in control of the flooding situation.

Only a fifth (20%) agree that the Government is doing enough to help those affected by the flooding and storms a ComRes poll for ITV News found.

Seventy-two per cent of those questioned thought the Government does not appear in control of the situation. Credit: ITV News

The number of those who disagree that Government and environmental agencies have responded well the recent flooding has increased dramatically from 39% when the floods first hit in the new year, to 62% today.

There has also been a more than 10% rise in the number of people who do not think that Britain is equipped to deal with the weather it is likely to face over the next five years.


62% think Government reputation worse after floods

Prime Minister David Cameron chats with employees of the Environment Agency in Upton-upon-Severn. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Two thirds of Britons believe the Government's reputation for crisis management has been hurt after the recent severe weather.

A ComRes poll for ITV News found that just a quarter (26%) believe that the flooding has made no difference and only 7% think that the Government is emerging from the situation with a better reputation.

Public urged to watch out for landslides in Dorset

Members of the public are being warned to watch out for landslides when out walking in Dorset.

County council emergency planning officer Simon Parker said:

Several people were spotted standing on the edge and at the base of cliffs, as well as climbing over debris on some of Dorset's beaches this weekend.

We cannot stress enough the danger people are putting themselves and rescuers in. As we have seen in the last 48 hours, landslides and rock falls can happen quickly and without warning.

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'Upton Express' will still operate for a couple of days

Residents in Upton upon Severn being take across floodwaters Credit: PA Pictures

Despite the announcement that military operations in the Worcestershire floods are being scaled down the shuttle truck that has been taken Upton upon Severn residents across flood waters will continue for a few days.

The service that has become known as the Upton Express will carry on until its safe to pass without assistance.

Superintendent Kevin Purcell said:

"The situation in Worcestershire is slowly improving and we are working hard towards preparing for the recovery phase. This means we no longer need the support of the Army."

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