Mass murderer accomplices found guilty

Two accomplices who aided mass-murderer Joanna Dennehy have been convicted of all offences relating to her attacks in March last year.

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Joanna Dennehy aunt disowns serial killer niece

The aunt of convicted serial killer Joanna Dennehy said the person she knew as her niece was dead and vowed have nothing to do with her from now on.

Patricia Moth said Joanna had been an "angelic young girl" until she was fourteen and had burned her books at school, vowing never to go back.

She expressed sympathy with the victims' families and explained: "Me, personally, if someone had done that to my family, I would be devastated. And how they must feel. It has all been about Joanna. There are people grieving out there."

Police: Joanna Dennehy is a 'sadistic' serial killer

Det Ch Insp Martin Brunning, who led the investigation into three murders and two attempted murders committed by Joanna Dennehy last year, has issued the following statement after two accomplices were convicted of aiding her crimes.

This has been one of the largest and most complex investigations in my 20 years' experience.

Three men were brutally murdered in Peterborough and two men were stabbed in West Mercia. Today their killer and her willing accomplices have now been brought to justice.

Joanna Dennehy is a sadistic 'serial killer' with a fearsome personality. She manipulated these men into doing things she wanted. I am relieved she is facing a substantial period of time behind bars.

The actions of Dennehy and those who helped her have had a devastating impact on the families of those killed and the surviving victims.

Two of the victims will live with what Dennehy has done for the rest of their lives. I hope today's convictions will provide them, and their families, with some closure.


Kevin Lee's family: 'This tragedy has shaken our lives'

Kevin Lee's body was found in Newborough in Cambridgeshire last March. Credit: Family handout

The family of Kevin Lee, one of three men murdered by Joanna Dennehy in Cambridgeshire last year, have issued the following statement:

"This tragedy has shaken our lives to the core and we are devastated about how Kevin's life came to an end.

"Joanna Dennehy, has taken over our lives and has callously created a hole that cannot be filled.

"We would like to thank all those involved in the case and the support that has been given to our family.

"Kevin was much-loved by all his family and he will be greatly missed. May he rest in peace and our family be left to grieve."

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CCTV shows serial killer on the hunt in Worcestershire

This CCTV video shows serial killer Joanna Dennehy in Worcestershire, as she travelled to Hereford on the hunt for more men to murder.

She's calmly walking hand in hand with her 7ft 3ins tall friend Gary "Stretch" Richards - formerly from Herefordshire - at the M5 motorway service station at Strensham.

At this point, Dennehy had already stabbed to death three men whose bodies were dumped in ditches. Later that day she'd plunge her knife into two more men who were lucky to survive.

Joanna Dennehy was a 'classic psychopath'

Joanna Dennehy was a bloodthirsty murderer who killed for fun, the trial of her two accomplices Gary Stretch and Leslie Layton heard.

Speaking outside court, Dr Samantha Lundrigan, senior lecturer in criminology at Anglia Ruskin University, described Dennehy as a "classic psychopath"

Joanna Dennehy poses with a knife following the murders of three men. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police/PA Wire

"Women are normally seen as care givers while men have a greater propensity for violence," Dr Lundrigan said.

"She reversed these roles and behaved like a man - she was in control and manipulated men to her ends.

"She killed with a knife which is a very intimate weapon and that is very unusual for a woman", she added.

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Chilling CCTV shows Dennehy before Hereford attacks

Chilling CCTV footage shows serial killer Joanna Dennehy - moments before she tried to murder two men who were out walking their dogs in Hereford.

She had gone into a local shop just up the road from where she carried out the first of her two savage attacks.

Dennehy picked her victims in Hereford totally at random, stabbing them after saying she wanted to have fun.

Both men were seriously injured, but survived.

She had already stabbed to death three other men, dumping their bodies in ditches in Cambridgeshire.


The victims of 'ditch murderer' Joanna Dennehy

Joanna Dennehy previously admitted the murders of three victims in and around Peterborough over a 10-day period last year.

The bodies of Kevin Lee, 48, Lukasz Slaboszewski, 31, and John Chapman, 56, were all discovered in ditches.

Kevin Lee's body was found in Newborough in Cambridgeshire on March 30. Credit: Police handout
Lukasz Slaboszewski was found in Thorney Dyke in Cambridgeshire in April. Credit: Police handout
John Chapman was found stabbed to death in open fen land in Thorney Dyke. Credit: Police handout

Dennehy also admitted the attempted murder of two dog walkers, John Rogers and Mr Bereza, as well as preventing the lawful and decent burial of her murder victims.

Pictured: Serial killer Joanna Dennehy's accomplices

Two men who aided serial killer Joanna Dennehy have been convicted of helping her dispose of the bodies of her victims during her killing spree.

Gary Stretch, 47, was convicted of three counts of preventing lawful and decent burial and two attempted murders.

Gary Stretch Credit: Police handout

Leslie Layton, 37, has been convicted of two counts of preventing lawful and decent burial and perverting the course of justice.

Leslie Layton Credit: Police handout
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