Co-pilot arrested after plane forced to land at Geneva

The co-pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines plane, which was en route to Rome but forced to land in Geneva, has been arrested. The unnamed man has asked for asylum in Switzerland.

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Hijack co-pilot promises to climb out of plane window

Audio has been released of the co-pilot that hijacked an Ethiopian Airlines flight telling air traffic control he will climb out of the plane's window once it has landed.

According to a police spokesman and Geneva airport CEO Robert Deillon, the co-pilot locked the cabin door when the pilot went to the toilet, and keyed a distress code for 'I just hijacked the aircraft' into the aircraft's transponder.

Claiming he wanted asylum in Switzerland, the unnamed co-pilot landed the plane in Geneva before gaving himself up to the police.

Audio courtesy of @matthewkeyslive.


Rope used by hijacking co-pilot seen out of cockpit

A rope which police said a co-pilot used to flee an Ethiopian Airlines plane he hijacked and landed at Geneva Airport in a bid for asylum has been seen dangling from the aircraft's cockpit.

The unnamed co-pilot, an Ethiopian born in 1983, asked to refuel at Geneva before landing and gave himself up to police after escaping the plane.

The co-pilot is said to have used the rope to leave the cockpit after diverting the Ethiopian Airlines plane bound for Rome. Credit: Reuters/Denis Balibouse
A police spokesman said the unnamed co-pilot sought asylum in Switzerland due to fear of persecution in his native Ethiopia. Credit: Reuters/Denis Balibouse

Gatwick flight among first arrivals after plane hijacking

Geneva Airport has announced it has resumed service after a "temporary closure" caused by the forced landing of a hijacked Ethiopian Airlines plane.

The airport's website shows a flight from Brussels is due to land at 09:01 local time, after a series of diversions and cancellations.

An EasyJet service from London Gatwick, flight EZY8462, is scheduled to land at the airport at 09:32 local time.


Passengers searched after leaving hijacked plane

Passengers on board the hijacked Ethiopian Airlines plane in Geneva have been searched by police as they disembarked the aircraft.

The passengers then boarded a bus near the plane, which was parked near the end of the runway away from the terminal building.

Airport security made contact with flight ET-702 to allow the first passengers to disembark. Credit: RTV
Passengers were seen being checked by security before boarding airport buses. Credit: RTV
Airport police have said all passengers and crew are safe and a single hijacker has been arrested. Credit: RTV
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