Ukraine warns Russia against 'act of aggression' in Crimea

Ukraine's acting president has warned Russia that troop movements outside its naval base in Crimea would be seen as an "act of aggression". Armed men seized regional government headquarters and parliament and the Russian flag is flying from buildings

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Ukraine's new leaders pose for photograph

The Ukrainian parliament approved the formation of a national coalition government earlier today.

Ukraine's new prime minister Arseny Yatseniuk (10th R) and his subordinates pose for a picture during a meeting in Kiev. Credit: Reuters\Andrew Kravchenko

In this image, Ukraine's new prime minister Arseny Yatseniuk poses with the rest of his cabinet for the first time since their appointment by parliament.


Merkel: 'We will do all we can to help Ukraine'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel giving a speech in the Royal Gallery of the Palace of Westminster in London. Credit: Oli Scarff/PA Wire

The latest challenges to attempts to set up a new national government in the capital Kiev were discussed by Mr Cameron and German chancellor Angela Merkel at talks in 10 Downing Street.

Ms Merkel said: 'We will do everything we can in order to support this government that has a tremendously difficult economic situation".

"The issue of the territorial integrity of Ukraine is of central importance to us".

Ukraine requests International Monetary Fund support

Ukraine has requested support from the International Monetary Fund, its Managing Director Christine Lagarde has confirmed.

Managing Director Christine Lagarde said the International Monetary Fund will send a fact-finding team to Ukraine in the coming days. Credit: PA

Lagarde said the IMF is discussing with international partners how best to help Ukraine, and will send a team to Kiev in the coming days.

Ukrainian finance minister Oleksander Shlapak said they are asking for at least $15 billion.

"Today we requested the IMF send a mission and we hope that it will be here next week," the minister was quoted as saying by Interfax news agency.

2,000 pro-Russian protesters at Crimea parliament

2,000 pro-Russian protesters are demonstrating outside Ukrainian government buildings on the country's Crimea peninsula.

ITV News Europe Editor James Mates and ITV News cameraman Mark Nelson have tweeted photos of the protest, which follows the seizing of a regional government building by armed men.


US warns Russia over risk of Ukraine 'miscalculation'

The US has warned Russia over their military exercises along the border with Ukraine, saying they should not take any steps that could be misinterpreted or "lead to miscalculation".

Russia's military exercises follow its pledge to "strongly and uncompromisingly" react to any violation of Russians' rights in Ukraine. Credit: EBU

"I'm closely watching Russia's military exercises along the Ukrainian border," U.S. defence secretary Chuck Hagel said at a NATO news conference.

"I expect Russia to be transparent about these activities, and I urge them not to take any steps that could be misinterpreted, or lead to miscalculation during a very delicate time - a time of great tension."

New Ukraine PM: $37bn credit received 'disappeared'

Ukraine's new prime minister Arseny Yatseniuk has accused the former government of stripping state coffers bare, saying $37 billion of credit it had received had "disappeared".

Speaking in parliament , Yatseniuk said that in the past three years "the sum of 70 billion dollars was paid out of Ukraine's financial system into off-shore accounts".

Yatseniuk said the situation was so grave that there was no other alternative but to take "extraordinarily unpopular measures". Credit: Reuters

"I want to report to you - the state treasury has been robbed and is empty," he said. "37 billion dollars of credit received have disappeared in an unknown direction," he added.

Ousted President Viktor Yanukovich has not been seen since Saturday, but Russian news agencies have reported that Russia has agreed to provide him with protection.

Ukrainian parliament approves coalition formation

The Ukrainian parliament has approved the formation of a national coalition government.

The parliament has proposed former economy minister Arseny Yatseniuk to lead the coalition as prime minister.

Former economy minister Arseny Yatseniuk was also named by protest leaders as their choice to head a new government.

"Our country is on the brink of economic and political collapse," Yatseniuk told parliament after his nomination.

He warned that Ukraine faced threats to its territorial integrity, and promised to pursue European integration.

But he also warned of "unpopular" decisions ahead to tackle the crisis.

The new government follows the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovich, who has not been confirmed as having been seen since Saturday.

Putin orders military exercises amid Ukraine crisis

Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered military exercises for 150,000 troops.

It comes after Russian flags were raised from government buildings on Ukraine's Crimea peninsula, which armed men have seized.

The Russian foreign ministry has said "large-scale human rights violations", attacks and vandalism in Ukraine are causes for concern. Credit: EBU

The exercises follow the Russian foreign ministry's pledge to "strongly and uncompromisingly" react to any violation of the rights of Russian compatriots in Ukraine.

They are among the largest such exercises Russia has undertaken in recent years.

The Russian defence ministry has said it has put fighter jets on combat alert on its western borders. Credit: EBU
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