Scandal-hit Stafford Hospital trust is dissolved

The Health Secretary has agreed to scrap the scandal-hit Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust and move key services away from Stafford Hospital. The trust was criticised last year by a public inquiry for the "suffering of hundreds of people".

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Review to be carried out into maternity services at Mid Staffs

Jeremy Hunt MP has agreed to dissolve the scandal-hit Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust is to be dissolved Credit: ITV News Central

Under today's announcement, Stafford Hospital could still retain consultant-led maternity services after the Health Secretary agreed for NHS England to carry out a review into the issue.

The original plan from administrators had been for maternity services to close. However, this was later amended to the creation of a midwife-led unit. Mr Hunt has now agreed for a review of that decision.


Concerns for Stafford Hospital elderly and obstetrics

Sue Hawkins, of the campaign group Support Stafford Hospital, said they expected that Jeremy Hunt "probably will" dissolve the trust.

She said they hoped that Mr Hunt would reflect some of their concerns in his announcement.

She told BBC Breakfast the concern was primarily over obstetrics.

A simple birth can change to needing a Caesarean section very quickly. Are those patients going to make it in time 18 miles up the road?

Infrastructure - the M6 - often accidents, often shut, Stafford has got a very poor network of roads. We get gridlocked very easily. We are seriously concerned about safety.

She said 50,000 people had marched in a small town of only around 60,000 - although the surrounding area is bigger - showing their support for retaining these acute services.

"Treatment would obviously move to neighbouring trusts but we have a very high proportion of elderly. What is going to happen?"

Campaigner will not comment on Mid Staffs ruling

Campaigner Julie Bailey, whose mother died at Stafford Hospital, has said that she will not be making a statement today, despite the Health Secretary preparing to announce his decision on the future of the scandal hit NHS Trust.

Ruling on future of Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust due

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is due to announce his decision on whether the scandal-hit Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust should be dissolved.

Mid Staffordshire was the focus of one of the biggest scandals in the history of the NHS. Credit: PA Wire

Mid Staffordshire was the focus of one of the biggest scandals in the history of the NHS when hundreds more people died than would normally be expected.

The Francis Inquiry last year found examples of "appalling and unnecessary suffering of hundreds of people", with some left lying in their own faeces for days and drinking from vases.

Administrators have previously deemed the trust financially "unsustainable", claiming it would face annual debts of more than £40 million by 2017 without changes.


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