Spectacular Northern Lights illuminate Britain

Britain was treated to spectacular views of the Northern Lights last night, with reported sightings as far south as Essex.

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  1. Anglia

East of England treated to show of Northern Lights

Sheringham beach, under Beeston Hill Credit: Barry Williams
Bannister Green, Felsted, Essex Credit: Wendy Clark

Parts of the UK got a rare glimpse of the Northern Lights last night. The spectacular red and green lights of the Aurora Borealis lit up skies as far south as Essex, along with parts of Norfolk.

The lights were also visible in parts of Scotland.

Barry Wiiliams from Sheringham who took this photo and sent it to us here at ITV News Anglia said. "I'm only an amateur photographer, was a bit shocked by this event, the first time I've seen the Aurora."

The display occurs when explosions on the surface of the Sun hurl huge amounts of charged particles into space, according to the British Geological Survey.

Those thrown to earth are captured by its magnetic field and guided towards the geomagnetic polar regions.

Cley Windmill, Norfolk Credit: Brian Egan

Charged particles collide with gas molecules in the atmosphere and the subsequent energy is given off as light.

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  1. Central

Rare glimpse of the Northern Lights in Shropshire

The sky glows red & green in Whixal in Shropshire Credit: Chris Burrage

People across the Midlands were able to see a very rare sight last night as the sky turned red and green through the natural phenomenon which is the Northern Lights.

The Aurora Borealis lit up the skies as far south as Gloucestershire, the result of a strong magnetic storm.

It's very rare for the natural phenomenon to be seen so far south Credit: Chris Burrage

These pictures of the spectacular light show were taken by Chris Burrage in Whixal in Shropshire, who said he'd never seen them there before.

The Northern Lights are usually visible in only the more northern parts of the UK, but a surge in geomagnetic activity last night led to them appearing much further south than usual.

Did you see the Northern lights in the East & West MIdlands? We'd love to see your photos - send them to centralweather@itv.com - or post them directly to our Facebook page.

  1. Central

Northern Lights glow in the sky above Uttoxeter

The Aurora Borealis as seen in Uttoxeter in North Staffordshire. Credit: Twitter: @RichardH082

This picture shows a rare glimpse of natural phenomenon the Northern Lights over Staffordshire last night.

A strong magnetic solar storm means the Aurora Borealis, which is normally associated with the arctic circle, could be widely seen across the UK, with sightings as far south as Gloucestershire,


  1. Tyne Tees

Northern Lights over Saltburn-by-the-Sea

People across the North East were out late for a rare glimpse of the Northern Lights last night.

This picture was taken by one of our viewers, Nick Wesson, in Saltburn-by-the-Sea in North Yorkshire.

Northern Lights in North Yorkshire: they are not normally seen this far south Credit: Nick Wesson

What did the Northern Lights look like where you live? Share your pictures with us on Facebook, on Twitter or by emailing pam&ian@itv.com.

  1. Granada

Rare glimpse of the Northern Lights in the North West

The view from South Barrule towards Greeba & St John's last night Credit: Peter Christian, photographer

People across the North West experienced something special last night when they turned their eyes to the heavens - a rare glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Spectacular red and green lights of the Aurora Borealis lit up skies.

The lights were clearly visible in parts of the region.

If you have any pictures you would like to share, contact us.

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