RAF surveillance jets to monitor Ukraine crisis

The RAF is to contribute to the Nato Airborne Warning And Control System (Awacs) aircraft missions flying over Poland and Romania to monitor the crisis in Ukraine.

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'Only right' RAF joins Nato Awacs mission in Ukraine

Britain's E-3D Awacs will join the Nato mission in Ukraine, the Ministry of Defence said tonight.

We have said that the UK will meet all our commitments under the next level of Nato Crisis Response measures.

As the UK E-3D Awacs (Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft) is part of the Nato Awacs Force, then it is only right that the UK undertakes its share of this mission.

– MoD spokesperson


The Awacs planes Nato is sending to monitor Ukraine

Nato is sending Awacs surveillance aircraft on reconnaissance flights over Poland and Romania to help monitor the crisis in Ukraine.

A Nato Airborne Warning and Control Systems aircraft (Awacs) pictured in 2012. Credit: Reuters

Nato ambassadors, acting on a recommendation from the alliance's top military commander US Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove, gave the go-ahead to the flights today, a Nato spokesman said.

File photo of screens inside a Nato Awacs aircraft in 2003. Credit: Reuters
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