A-level student deported to Mauritius: I am all alone

An A-level student deported back to Mauritius last night has told ITV News she is alone in the country that her family fled in 2011. Yashika Bageerathi was flown back despite pleading with ministers to let her stay until after her exams.

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Minister: No reason to intervene in Yashika case

Immigration Minister James Brokenshire wrote to Yashika Bageerathi's local MP David Burrowes outlining the reasons he could not intervene to enable her to stay in the UK to finish her A-levels.

The letter, across three pages, details how Yashika's case was decided, and the factors that prompted the court's decision. Mr Brokenshire says he has personally reviewed the case again and said he "did not consider it appropriate to intervene in this case".

Home Office letter

Yashika: I am all alone here and don't know what to do

The A-level student deported to Mauritius last night has told ITV News she is alone and scared in the country her family fled in 2011.

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Speaking on Skype, Yashika Bageerathi described what happened to her yesterday, as she was taken from Yarl's Wood detention centre and placed on a flight accompanied by four security guards, after the last-ditch injunction to keep her in the UK failed.

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School looking at ways Yashika can complete A-levels

Now that Yashika Bageerathi has been deported back to Mauritius, her school says it is looking into all the options that might allow her to complete her A-levels.

Ideally, they are hoping that she might be able to return to the UK, but they are also exploring whether it will be possible for her to sit them remotely from Mauritius.

Either way, the students and teachers at Oasis Academy Hadley in Enfield say their fight to help her is not over.

They are also hoping to widen their campaign to raise awareness of the plight of other asylum seekers.


Yashika's mother: There is no one to take care of her

Yashika's mother said she missed a call from her daughter telling her about the failed injunction to keep her in the country as she was at the Home Office and her phone was switched off. She was then delivered the news by the school.

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Mrs Bhageerathi spoke to her daughter briefly before she boarded the flight taking her to Mauritius tonight. Speaking to ITV News, her mother said she was very sad and scared for her daughter, as there was "no one to take care" of her daughter once she lands.

Air Mauritius flight deporting Yashika leaves Heathrow

The Air Mauritius flight deporting A-level student Yashika Bhageerathi has left Heathrow Airport, the airport confirmed.

Before she boarded the plane, Yashika called her mother, asking her what she should do when she arrived at the other side.

Listen: Yashika calls mother as she boards plane to Mauritius

Her family, school, lawyers and supporters had campaigned to allow her to stay to finish her A-level exams.

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