Rana Plaza families still waiting for compensation

A year on from the collapse of the clothing manufacturing building in Bangladesh that left 1334 people dead, many of the families of the victims are still waiting for compensation

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Rana Plaza compensation 'still an unresolved issue'

The compensation packages for workers and families caught up in the Rana Plaza factory collapse are 'still an unresolved issue', says charity Action Aid.

the site of the Rana Plaza factory collapse Credit: ITV News

28 high street retailers and clothing brands were found by global trade union IndustriAll to be sourcing clothes from the factories at Rana Plaza and only 14 of these have so far contributed to the Rana Plaza Donor Trust Fund.

Companies that have contributed to the fund so far include UK brands Bonmarché, C and A Foundation, Primark, Premier Clothing, Mango, Asda, Gap and Walmart.

'Life still a struggle' for Rana Plaza victims

The victims of the Rana Plaza factory collapse are still struggling to cope financially, a year on from the disaster in Bangladesh.

Naneen Akter Nazma lost her husband in the collapse. She told ITV News that she is still too afraid to work as she is concerned that another factory could collapse like Rana Plaza.

"I'm very scared. I'm even scared to do any job and I don't want to go to any garment factory. I don't want to work anywhere like it. Another factory will collapse like Rana Plaza." she said.


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