Caribbean countries ask UK for slave trade reparations

The UK is among European countries facing claims from Caribbean countries over the legacy of the slave trade. A lawyer representing the group of countries has told ITV News they will present their case as early as next month.

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Foreign Office: Slavery reparations 'not the answer'

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has said reparations to Caribbean countries for the legacy of the slave trade are "not the answer".

An FCO spokesperson told ITV News that the Government sees slavery as "amongst the most dishonourable and abhorrent chapters in the history of humanity.

But they were clear the Government was opposed to reparation payments, saying:

“We do not see reparations as the answer. Instead, we should concentrate on identifying ways forward with a focus on the shared global challenges that face our countries in the twenty-first century.”

Caribbean countries ask UK for slave trade reparations

Caribbean governments say plantations run on slave labour boosted the British economy while islanders were left with little.

The UK and other European countries are facing claims from 15 Caribbean countries for their role in the slave trade and the legacy they claim they are still suffering today.

The group of countries called CARICOM have come up with a ten-point list of demands.

The CARICOM countries claim they are still suffering poverty because of the slave trade.

Now a British lawyer has told ITV News they plan to present their case to the British government next month.

Martyn Day, senior partner at law firm Leigh Day, said:

"We are hoping to sign off the complaint letter next month and call for a conference shortly afterwards. I would have thought almost certainly the meeting would be with Government representatives- perhaps Foreign Secretary level."


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