Public e-cigarette ban suggested at Government level

Minutes from a Public Health England board meeting show that it received a recommendation to ban the use of e-cigarettes in public places.

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'No call' for ban on smoking e-cigarettes in public

A Government health agency has denied claims from e-cigarette company E-Lites that it has proposed a ban on smoking electronic cigarettes in public.

Public Health England said:

We have not called for a ban on e-cigarette use in public spaces. PHE is working with our partners to consider the options for supporting safe use of e-cigarettes to reduce harm and support smokers to quit, some of which were discussed by our Board in February.

– Professor Kevin Fenton, National Director Health and Wellbeing, PHE


E-cigarette ban recommended in Government meeting

Government officials have proposed that the Department of Health considers a ban on smoking electronic cigarettes in public places in England.

The suggestion, made in a Public Health England board meeting in February, recommended that e-cigarettes should be prohibited in "workplaces, educational and public places" to prevent "normalising smoking".

Point 32 on a Public Health England board paper includes the suggestion. Credit: Public Health England

It is the first time such a policy is believed to have been mentioned in an official Government document.

The proposal could form part of Public Health England's tobacco strategy, set to be finalised next month, and be recommended to the Department of Health.

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