At least 15 believed killed in Kinshasa football riot

At least 15 people were killed after police fired tear gas in a crowded football stadium in Democratic Republic of Congo, provoking a stampede, according to a police source and a local official.

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Congo: 'Stampede began when police fired tear gas'

Fans in Kinshasa grew angry on Sunday evening after their local team was defeated 1-0 by a team from the eastern town of Lubumbashi in a heated final, according to the local minister for the capital's inner city.

"Four policemen were harassed by supporters. When they fired tear gas, the stampede began, causing the deaths," Emmanuel Akweti told Reuters.

At least 15 people are believed to have died following a stampede in Lubumbashi. Credit: Google Maps

Akweti said 15 people died of suffocation and 24 were injured.

At least 15 believed killed in Kinshasa football riot

15 people are understood to have been killed during a riot at a football match in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to Sky News.

A media manager at FIFA tweeted an image believed to be from the stadium where the match was played, of two paramedics attending to a fan on the ground.

The club's Twitter and Facebook pages also detailed the riot before the end, saying "the police are struggling to evacuate the stadium and to protect the players of the game."


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