One in eight road injuries 'involve teenage drivers'

The high number of teenage drivers involved in dangerous road accidents has come under the spotlight - one in eight collisions ending in injury caused by 17-19-year-olds, a survey from the RAC has shown.

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Mum of car crash victim: 'The pain is still as strong'

The mother of a bride-to-be who was killed in a road accident involving young drivers has told Good Morning Britain "the pain is still as strong" today as it was when her daughter first died.

Denise Tegg lost her daughter Carol four days before her wedding in a crash caused by young drivers racing, and said "something" needed to be done to keep road users safe from the accidents caused by 17-19-year-olds.

"I see my daughter's car burnt to pieces, and the bus, and my daughter inside it. Nobody, nobody, no mother should ever, ever have to go through that. Something needs to be done."

Govt: 'Carrying out further research' into young drivers

The Government is "carrying out further research" to fully understand why so many young drivers are involved in road accidents.

Speaking after the RAC found almost one in eight injurious accidents involved a driver aged 17-19-years-old, the Department of Transport said:

We know the number of young people being killed on our roads is far too high, which is why we want to do all we can to tackle this issue.

It is vital we strike the right balance between safety and not unduly restricting the freedom of young drivers, which is why we are carrying out further research to fully understand the issues before setting out how we proceed.

– Department for Transport spokesman


RAC call for 'graduated driving licensing' for teenagers

Graduated driving licensing (GDL) could help combat the number of young people killed on Britain's roads, the RAC has said.

The breakdown cover and insurance company believed the following measures would help:

  • A minimum learner period.
  • Lower alcohol limit for young drivers.
  • Limits on the number of young passengers drivers aged 17-19-years-old can carry.
  • A late-night curfew.

Young drivers involved in 'almost one in eight accidents'

Drivers aged between 17-19-years-old are involved in almost one in every eight road accident in the UK, according to a survey from the RAC.

London had the smallest proportion of road accidents caused by young drivers, the RAC found. Credit: PA

Despite the high number of accidents caused by 17-19-year-old drivers, only 1.5% licenses were held by teenagers, the insurance company said.

The nationwide statistics released by the RAC showed 11.9% of accidents were caused by drivers aged 17 to 19, with the highest proportion of casualties in the Dyfed Powys area of Wales (18.2%).

This was followed by Gwent in Wales (17%), Cumbria and North Wales (15.8%), the northern and Grampian regions (15.7%) and Cornwall (15.5%). London had the smallest proportion (5.6%).

Covering the five years from 2008 to 2012, the survey work was commissioned by the RAC Foundation and carried out by transport research laboratory TRL.

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