John Kerry tells Snowden to 'man up and come back to US'

US Secretary of State John Kerry has told Edward Snowden to "man up and come back to the United States" to face justice. In his first TV interview since fleeing the US, the former US spy contractor Edward Snowden said he would like to return home.

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Kerry to Snowden: 'Man up' and face justice in US

US Secretary of State John Kerry urged Edward Snowden to face justice in his home country. Credit: Reuters

US Secretary of State John Kerry invited Snowden to "man up and come back to the United States."

"The bottom line is this is a man who has betrayed his country, who is sitting in Russia, an authoritarian country where he has taken refuge," Kerry told the CBS network.

"If he has a complaint about what's the matter with American surveillance, come back here and stand in our system of justice and make his case," Kerry said.


Former NSA contractor Snowden: I want to go home

The TV interview was Snowden's first since being granted asylum in Russia. Credit: NBC News

Former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden has told a US television interviewer he would like to go home from asylum in Moscow, but that if necessary he would seek to extend his stay in Russia.

US officials said he was welcome to return to the United States if he wanted to face justice for leaking details of massive US intelligence-gathering programmes.

"If I could go anywhere in the world, that place would be home," Snowden told NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams in an excerpt from the interview that aired on Wednesday.

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