Conservatives win Newark by-election

The Conservative Party has won the Newark by-election

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  1. Carl Dinnen

Newark: '53% turnout high for a by-election'

A ballot box is emptied before it the votes are counted. Credit: ITV News/Carl Dinnen

Turnout at the Newark by election looks like having been around 53% - high for a by election.

A party source has told ITV News that with the mainly urban areas (which favour Ukip over the Tories) counted the numbers look like Cons 37%, Ukip 33%, Labour 18%, Lib Dems 2%.

Labour are briefing that the Conservatives have thrown everything from the kitchen sink to the Aga at this and still lost a lot of votes to Ukip.

The Conservatives say if they win this it'll be their first by election victory whilst in Government for 25 years.


  1. Carl Dinnen

Final polls have Tories 'comfortably ahead' in Newark

They've started counting the votes here in Newark under the dome of the Great Chapel at Kelham Hall.

It's a wonderfully dramatic setting; usually these things happen in shabby leisure centres.

The final poll, by Survation, makes for a less dramatic sight.

It puts the Conservatives comfortably ahead on 42%, Ukip on 27%, Labour on a creditable 22% and the Lib Dems on a deposit-threatening 4%.

We expect a result in the early hours of the morning.

Newark by-election: Tories tipped to win as polls close

The Conservatives are deemed favourites to hold Newark. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Archive

Polls have closed in the Newark parliamentary by-election triggered by disgraced ex-Tory Patrick Mercer's decision to stand down.

The Conservatives are on course to hold off the threat from Ukip but only with a massively-reduced majority, according to polling.

Mr Mercer, who quit over what a sleaze watchdog said was the worst breach of transparency rules it had dealt with, won by 16,152 votes from Labour in 2010.

Ukip has put up MEP Roger Helmer - re-elected to the European Parliament in the party's "earthquake" victory last month - to take on Conservative Robert Jenrick in the constituency.

Newark voters to choose new MP

A voter places a ballot paper in the ballot box at a polling station. Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Archive

Voters in Newark will elect a new Member of Parliament today to replace ex-Tory Patrick Mercer.

There are 11 candidates in the by-election: Robert Jenrick (C); Michael Payne (Lab); David Watts (Lib Dem); David Kirwan (Green); Paul Baggaley (Ind); David Bishop (Bus Pass Elvis);

Nick The Flying Brick (Monster Raving Loony); Andy Hayes (Ind); Roger Helmer (Ukip); Dick Rodgers (Stop Commercial Banks Owning Britain's Money); Lee Woods (Patriotic Socialist).

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