Sao Paulo subway workers halt strikes for two days

Striking subway workers in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo have halted their action for two days, union leaders have said.

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Sao Paulo mono-rail 'long way' from being finished

The mono-rail in Sao Paulo that collapsed and killed one construction worker and injured two more is a "long long way from being finished", ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers has said.

The multi-million dollar project was part of the city's plan to improve infrastructure and transport ahead of the World Cup, but last year city planners admitted defeat and said that the project was unlikely to be finished in time.

Sao Paulo monorail collapse kills worker

A concrete support beam collapsed on a monorail in Sao Paulo, killing a construction worker. Credit: Reuters

Police in Brazil's biggest city say a construction worker has been killed in an accident on a monorail meant to expand Sao Paulo's transport network.

The worker was hit by a large concrete support beam that fell while being erected.

An investigation into the cause of the accident is underway.


Sao Paulo subway strike suspended for two days

A boy wrapped in Brazilian national flag stands in front of policemen. Credit: Reuters\Damir Sagolj

Striking subway workers in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo have halted their action for two days, union leaders have said.

The strike had thrown traffic into chaos in the city before it hosts the opening game of the World Cup.

In a statement on the union's website, leaders said they would hold a vote on Wednesday to determine if their strike would resume on Thursday - the day the tournament's first match, Brazil v Croatia, will be played in Sao Paulo.

Police in Sao Paulo use tear gas to disperse protesters

Police in Sao Paulo have used tear gas to disperse protesters just three days before the opening game of the World Cup.The protesters included tube workers who are striking over pay.

It is the latest problem to hit the build-up to the tournament in Brazil where airport, rail and road infrastructure remain unfinished, and the threat of gang violence looms large.

ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers reports from Brazil:

Large Sao Paulo protest begins in support of metro strike

A large demonstration has begun in the Sao Paulo's streets in support of a metro strike and against the hosting of the World Cup in Brazil.

Witnesses have begun live tweeting images of the protests, which come three days before the tournament starts:

Tear gas fired in Sao Paulo three days before World Cup

Riot police have apparently fired tear gas at striking metro workers in Sao Paulo, three days before the World Cup kicks off in the city.

Correspondent Lulu Garcia-Navarro, for the public radio network NPR, tweeted this picture:


Sao Paulo police and metro workers in stand-off

A stand-off between police and striking metro workers has continued into its fifth day in the World Cup city of Sao Paulo.

Metro workers set up road blocks near to Ana Rosa Subway Station in the early hours, while riot police holding shields and carrying guns lined up at entrances - to stop people marching through.

A fan holds a Brazilian flag in front of two policemen outside Ana Rosa subway station. Credit: REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

The metro workers are striking for a fifth day for better pay and conditions, which could cause chaos for the World Cup's opening game in three days time.

Sao Paulo metro workers strike for fifth day

Sao Paulo's metro workers are striking for a fifth day, which could potentially cause chaos for the World Cup's opening game in three days.

Another vote on the strike is expected at 3pm following a rally held by workers.

Protesters scuffle with police outside the closed entrance of Ana Rosa subway station. Credit: REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

"The (metro workers') union sent an official request to President Dilma Rousseff asking her to help the category reopen talks with the (Sao Paulo) state government," the union said in a note on Sunday.

The opening game of a World Cup is generally reserved for a smaller number of fans, sponsors, hospitality representatives and commercial VIP's - meaning Fifa will be keen that the crisis is solved urgently.

Tear gas fired during large subway strike in Sao Paulo

Commuting chaos has entered its second day in Sao Paulo, a week before the opening match of the World Cup, in protest over housing conditions.

Police used tear gas to break up a demonstration blocking access to one metro station, but a third of the city's subway stops remained closed early in the morning.

The strike already set a record on Thursday for morning gridlock in Sao Paulo this year, with many people now using the already stretched bus services in the city.

Sao Paulo subway staff announce 'open ended' strike

Commuters get on the train in a subway station in Sao Paulo May 21, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Paulo Whitaker

Workers on Sao Paulo's subway system have announced they will launch an open-ended strike, the latest to hit Brazil in the run-up to the World Cup, News agency AFP have reported.

The strike raises fears of transport chaos in the Brazilian economic capital, a sprawling city of 20 million people, one week before it hosts the opening match on 12th June.

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