Poroshenko sworn in as president of Ukraine

Petro Poroshenko has been sworn in as president of Ukraine, after his victory in the May 25 poll. Yesterday, he met with Russian President Putin briefly, saying it could be the start of a new dialogue between the countries.

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Poroshenko promises to bring peace to a united Ukraine

Ukraine's new president Petro Poroshenko has called for dialogue with the east of the country, gripped with a violent, pro-Russian insurgency, as he took the oath of office.

Read: Petro Poroshenko sworn in as president of Ukraine

Calling for armed groups to lay down their weapons, he promised Ukraine's parliament "I will bring you peace" but did not indicate whether forces would scale back their offences against the insurgency.

As president, Mr Poroshenko is commander-in-chief of the military and appoints the defence and foreign ministers.

In his inaugural address, attended by US vice president Joseph Biden and senator John McCain, Mr Poroshenko promised amnesty for those without "blood on their hands". He said:

I am calling on everyone who has taken arms in their hands - please lay down your arms.

Poroshenko: 'Crimea was, is and will be Ukrainian'

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said that "Crimea was, is, and will be Ukrainian" but stated he does not want war or revenge, during his inaugural speech.

He said: "I don't want war; I don't want revenge. I want peace and I want peace to happen," Poroshenko told parliament after taking the oath.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has been sworn in. Credit: REUTERS/Konstantin Grishin

In his inaugural speech he said that he would offer a safe corridor for Russian fighters to go home and that he would "guarantee immunity to all."

He said: "Please, lay down the guns and I guarantee immunity to all those who don't have bloodshed on their hands."


Petro Poroshenko sworn in as president of Ukraine

Poroshenko approaching Ukraine's parliament. Credit: APTN

Ukraine's Petro Poroshenko has been sworn in as president of his troubled country as government forces continued to battle pro-Russian separatists in the east.

Poroshenko inside the parliament, ahead of his inauguration. Credit: APTN

He will be Ukraine's fifth president since independence in 1991.

The ceremony featured singing by a traditionally dressed choir. Credit: APTN

During his inauguration ceremony in parliament, he took an oath to protect Ukraine's sovereignty and independence and to safeguard the rights and freedoms of its citizens.

Poroshenko. Credit: APTN

Poroshenko, who won a landslide victory after campaigning on the slogan "Live in a new way", is expected lay out a programme for restoring stability and moving Ukraine into the European mainstream.

Petro Poroshenko. Credit: APTN
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