PM appeals to voters in campaign against Juncker

David Cameron has written an article appealing to voters to back his campaign to prevent Jean-Claude Juncker from becoming the next European Commission president in his most direct bid yet to stop the appointment.

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Cameron's intervention to stop Juncker: Key quotes

David Cameron has released an article to voters today in his latest bid to stop Jean-Claude Juncker becoming the next European Commission president.

Here are some of the Prime Minister's key points:

'Nonsense' that Juncker was elected:

Supporters of Spitzenkandidaten argue that the elections have happened, the people of Europe have chosen Jean-Claude Juncker as Commission President and that it would be undemocratic for elected national leaders to choose anyone else.

It is not an attack on Mr Juncker, an experienced European politician, to say this is nonsense. Most Europeans did not vote in the European Parliament elections. Turnout declined in the majority of member states. Nowhere was Mr Juncker on the ballot paper.

Brussels must focus on finding an "honest and trusted broker":

We must focus on finding the best candidate for Commission President. Someone who can deliver reform; driving growth and creating jobs; and accepting that Europe's needs may best be served by action at the national level. An honest and trusted broker able to re-engage Europe's voters.

Europe's leaders must be 'courageous':

Now is the time for Europe's national leaders to have the courage of their convictions by standing up for their place in the EU and what is right for Europe’s future.

Now is the time to propose a candidate who will convince Europe's voters we are acting upon their concerns.


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