'Supermoon' lights up night sky ahead of meteor shower

A meteor storm and a so-called "supermoon" lit up the night sky in the early hours of Monday morning.

Also called a Perigree moon, NASA said the moon would appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual as its orbit took it closer to Earth.

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'Supermoon' blazes over New York City skyline


'Supermoon' 14% bigger than average full moon

The moon is said to be 14% closer to earth making it appear larger than usual, according to NASA. The so-called "supermoon" was spotted across the UK overnight.

Sky-watchers share pictures of 'supermoon'

The biggest moon of the year will be seen tonight, with sky-watchers around the world already tweeting pictures of the 'supermoon' phenomenon.

Earlier today, astronauts aboard the International Space Station tweeted a preview of the phenomena.


'Supermoon' and meteor shower to light up night sky

A meteor storm and a so-called "supermoon" is set light up the night sky alongside this year's Perseid meteor shower in one of the most dramatic and anticipated astronomical events of the year when it becomes full tonight.

The supermoon rise off the Sydney beachside earlier. Credit: Reuters/David Gray
A supermoon rises behind the roof of the Sydney Opera House. Credit: Reuters/Jason Reed
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