Fighting intensifies in eastern Ukraine

Fighting has started again in eastern Ukraine between government troops and separatist rebels, Ukrainian military officials said.

Yesterday a missile killed at least 15 refugees who were trying to flee the area "burning them alive". More bodies may still be recovered.

This comes days after a convoy of aid supplies travelled to the country from Moscow but Ukraine is still to let them in over fears it could spark an invasion.

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Ukraine bans Russian TV for 'spreading propoganda'

Fourteen Russian television channels have been banned from broadcasting in Ukraine amid accusations they are being used to spread propoganda.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Ukrainian interior ministry aide Anton Gerashenko said the channels - which include Russia Today and Life News - had been temporarily banned for "broadcasting propaganda of war and violence".

Seventeen bodies recovered after missile hits refugees

A military spokesman has said 17 bodies have so far been recovered from the refugee convoy hit by a shell yesterday in Ukraine, "burning them alive".

The spokesman, Andriy Lysenko, said six people are currently being treated for injuries, three of which are seriously hurt, and the rescue operation is ongoing.

Ukrainian government forces have blamed the attack on pro-Russian separatists whom they are battling in the area. The rebels deny responsibility.


Report: Shoot-out erupts at Ukrainian shopping mall

A shoot-out has erupted at a shopping mall in the centre of Donetsk, the Ukrainian stronghold of pro-Russia rebels, according to reports.

A Reuters reporter said up to six rebel gunmen were hiding behind cars in the mall's car park, firing at another group of people.

It comes as Russian president Vladimir Putin has agreed to meet Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko on August 26, along with representatives from the European commission and the Eurasian Customers Union.

Poroshenko confirmed that "stabilising the situation" in eastern Ukraine would be on the agenda.

More than 2,000 people have died in clashes between the pro-Moscow rebels and forces from Kiev.


Recovery operation to find missile victims is suspended

The recovery operation to find the bodies of victims killed when a missile hit a convoy of refugees in Ukraine has been suspended after fighting started again, a Ukrainian military spokesman said.

So far the remains of 15 people, said to have "burned to death" in cars, have been located but officials say there could be more.

Fifteen bodies recovered after Ukraine missile strike

Fifteen bodies have been recovered so far after a missile hit a convoy of refugees in Ukraine "burning them alive," a Ukraine military spokesman has said.

Spokesman Andriy Lysenko told Reuters: "By 7pm last night we retrieved 15 bodies. The search continued into the night and is continuing today."

Ukrainian government forces blame the attack on pro-Russian separatists whom they are battling in the area. The rebels have denied responsibility.

'Dozens' killed in missile attack on refugees

A Ukrainian military spokesman has said that "dozens" were killed in a rocket attack on a refugee bus convoy earlier today.

Pro-Russian rebels have denied responsibility for the attack, which hit buses carrying refugees from the east Ukrainian city of Luhansk.

In a briefing to journalists, spokesman Andriy Lysenko said they had not been able to count the exact number of people killed, but they had placed it in the dozens with women and children among the dead.

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