Teenager sentenced to life for murder of Ann Maguire named as Will Cornick

The teenager who murdered teacher Ann Maguire has been named as 16-year-old Will Cornick.

A judge at Leeds Crown Court lifted a court order previously banning the naming of the minor.

The boy was sentenced to life with a minimum of 20 years after admitting the murder of Mrs Maguire.

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Ex pupil: Ann Maguire murder 'such a waste' of life

The murder of Ann Maguire was "such a waste" of life and Will Cornick's conviction has made "everyone realise how sad the whole thing is," a former pupil told Good Morning Britain.

Kathleen Walpole, who's four children were all also taught by Ann Maguire, praised the late Spanish teacher as she was "always there for the children".


Teacher's murder 'not indicative of a wider problem'

Nigel Richardson, Leeds City Council director of children's services, has stressed that the murder of teacher Ann Maguire was "not in any way indicative" of a wider problem in the area.

He pledged to support staff and students at Mrs Maguire's school "for as long as is needed" following the sentencing of her killer.

He said: "I hope the conclusion of the trial will now help everyone with the difficult process of moving on."


Maguire daughter: 'Every morning I pray it's just a bad dream'

Emma (front left) and Kerry Maguire (centre) with their father Don (right). Credit: PA

Ann Maguire's daughter Emma said "every morning I wake up and I pray that this is all a bad dream".

In a statement read to Leeds Crown Court, the Royal Ballet ballerina told of her anguish of that "split second of hope" but said: "It quickly vanishes and the horror of the reality sets in."

She added her mother "gave us so much love. I never felt alone in life".

The 61-year-old's other daughter Kerry said her murder had robbed her of her mother and her future children of a grandmother.

Ann Maguire 'treated killer like she did everyone else'

Inspirational teacher Ann Maguire treated her killer like she did everyone else but he still plotted to murder her.

The 16-year-old was described as "intelligent" and from a loving family but he carried out the tragic attack on April 28 this year.

Ann's family said they will never recover from this "horrific, cruel, senseless and cowardly act".

ITV News presenter Damon Green has this report:

Ann Maguire's family 'will never recover from the anguish'

Ann Maguire's sisters read a statement outside court following the sentencing of her 16-year-old killer.

Shelagh Connor said: "The joy of living her life and the fulfillment of her hopes and dreams and passions have disappeared with this horrific, cruel, senseless and cowardly act."

Denise Courtney said: "We shall never recover from this pain and anguish.

"No amount of punishment can ever compensate for the loss of Ann's life."

Police: 'No one in authority could have foreseen tragedy'

Chief Superintendent Paul Money of West Yorkshire Police.

No one in authority could have reasonably foreseen the murder of teacher Ann Maguire, police say.

Chief Superintendent Paul Money of West Yorkshire Police said there was "absolutely no justification" for the hatred Ann's schoolboy killer felt.

Speaking outside Leeds Crown Court, where the boy was jailed for life, he added: "His motive seems inexplicable.

"I can't name the person responsible but I can say he comes from a good home, decent responsible parents, who are in their own way victims themselves of this terrible act."

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