Senior NHS doctors warn of 'winter crisis' in A&E

Senior consultants in the NHS have told ITV News that the accident and emergency service is heading for a winter crisis.

Four doctors say around 50 hospitals are already struggling - and as the winter weather worsens, they predict the crisis will worsen too unless urgent action is taken.

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Labour: Doctors and patients are crying out for help

David Cameron must listen to doctors and patients "cries for help" and act to ease the pressure on A&Es, the shadow health secretary has said.

After senior consultants told ITV News that departments were heading for a "winter crisis", Andy Burnham accused the Government of trapping A&Es in a "downward spiral".

Doctors should not have to take to the TV screens to get their voices heard but that is what they are having to do under this Government.

David Cameron's abolition of guaranteed access to GP services and undermining of social care has left hospitals under intolerable pressure.

He has trapped A&Es in a downward spiral and, as doctors leave in their droves, the problems are only getting worse. As a result, patients are facing a difficult winter of trolley waits and ambulances queues.

Now that front-line A&E doctors have spoken out in this way, David Cameron can no longer ignore this crisis on his watch. Doctors and patients are crying out for help and he must act now.

– Andy Burnham

Doctors warn 'urgent action' needed to prevent A&E crisis

Urgent action is needed to stop accident and emergency departments slipping into crisis this winter, according to senior hospital consultants.

Four emergency doctors have spoken to ITV News to voice their concerns that patient safety could be compromised due to the pressure on the NHS.

ITV News deputy political editor Chris Ship reports:


Doctors warn patient safety at risk in A&E winter crisis

The safety of patients and long waiting times are among major concerns for senior doctors as winter approaches, as they warn of an impending crisis in the NHS during the cold season.

Dr Chris Moulton, vice presidents of the College of Emergency Medicine, told ITV News he and his colleagues were particularly concerned about the long waits being experienced by some.

He added that some patients were being discharged too soon in an effort to clear beds, which only ended up with them back in hospital again needing further treatment.

A&E crisis 'forcing health staff out', doctors warn

Qualified British nurses and doctors are fleeing the overstretched NHS and finding work overseas, a senior doctor has warned.

Dr Adrian Boyle, from Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, is the head of quality for the College of Emergency Medicine and said he was hearing of patients “hanging around for hours and hours” in corridors on trolleys.

He told ITV News the situation in accident and emergency departments across the country was making life “very difficult” for staff and patients alike, and said they were losing a lot of staff to Australia.

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