Al-Shabaab claim responsibility for Kenya quarry attack

Somalia's Al Shabaab Islamist group has claimed responsibility for an attack on a Kenyan quarry, which killed 36 workers.

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Kenyan police chief steps down after al-Shabaab attack

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta made the announcement today. Credit: Reuters

Kenyan police chief David Kimaiyo has stepped down in the wake of the latest al-Shabaab attack in the country.

Kimaiyo had come under fire to quit after he was criticised for failing to step up security following the militant group's attack on Nairobi's Westgate shopping mall last year which killed 67 people.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said had accepted his resignation and also confirmed he would be appointing a new interior minister in a reshuffle.

Al-Shabaab admit being behind Kenya quarry attack

Somali militant group al-Shabaab have admitted being behind an attack on a Kenyan quarry site which killed dozens.

The group said its fighters had killed 40 people, although the government and other officials put the death toll at 36.

Village elders said at least two non-Muslims, who were attacked as they slept, were beheaded while the rest were shot at close range.

In a statement, al-Shabaab said it had executed dozens of "Kenyan crusaders" as punishment for Kenya sending troops to Somalia to fight Islamist rebels.


At least 36 shot dead in suspected al-Shabaab attack in Kenya

Mandera County is outlines in read on the border between Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. Credit: Google Maps

At least 36 quarry workers have been killed in northern Kenya in a suspected attack by al-Shabaab militants, police said.

The workers were ambushed by gunmen in Mandera County, near the border with Somalia.

Police sources claimed non-Muslims were singled out and some were shot, while others were decapitated.

No group has yet claimed responsibility but the attack.

Some 28 people were killed in the area last month when al-Shabaab militants hijacked a Nairobi-bound bus.

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