PlayStation online services 'gradually coming back' after hacking

PlayStation network services are gradually coming back online following a suspected attack by hackers on Christmas Day, Sony has said.

Hacking group Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the attack, which also affected Microsoft 's Xbox Live.

The disruption left online gamers frustrated as they unwrapped their new consoles on Christmas morning.

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PlayStation network down for a third day

PlayStation online services are down for a third day amid claims the network was hacked on Christmas Day.

Online gamers were left frustrated as they unwrapped their new consoles. Credit: PA

Microsoft's Xbox service was also affected but was back up and running by last night.

Hacking group, the Lizard Squad, said they had now stopped any attacks on the network but some users were still reporting problems.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft would say what disrupted their networks and experts say it is difficult to trace the source of attacks or confirm claims of responsibility.

Sony Online Entertainment said on Twitter: "We are working to restore full network services for all platforms - thanks, as always, for your patience!"


Xbox and Playstation back online after Christmas Day hack

XBox and Playstation services are back up and running after millions were left unable to get online for more than 24 hours after being targeted by hackers.

The Lizard Group claimed responsibility for the attack on Christmas Day but they tweeted they had now stopped.

Game console hack: Gamers vent their frustration

Thousands of games console users have taken to social media sites to vent their frustration over the hacking of Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation online services on Christmas Day.

Twitter accounts using the name Lizard Squad have claimed responsibility for the hack.

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