British healthcare worker being monitored for Ebola

A British military healthcare worker has returned to England for Ebola monitoring.

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Needlestick Ebola cases 'unrelated', says army official

An army official has said the two needlestick injuries which may have exposed British military healthcare workers to Ebola are "unrelated".

The specially-designed tent at the Royal Free hospital within which patients are kept in isolation Credit: Royal Free London

Minister for the Armed Forces Mark Francois said: "Although we have had two similar incidents within a short space of time both appear to be unrelated.

"Our personnel receive the highest standard of training and briefing prior to deployment, including on the use of the specialised Personal Protective Equipment."

Both medics were flown home from Ebola following their needle-stick injuries and are being monitored at London's Royal Free Hospital.


Needlestick injury 'means Ebola could be carried into blood'

A British healthcare worker is currently being monitored for Ebola, after sustaining a needlestick injury whilst treating a patient in Sierra Leone.

Professor Jonathan Ball from the University of Nottingham, an expert in blood viruses and Ebola, said the nature of the injury means the virus could potentially be delivered straight into the bloodstream.

Medic was exposed to Ebola in a 'frontline care setting'

The British healthcare worker who has been flown home for Ebola testing following a needle-stick injury in Sierra Leone was exposed to the virus in a "frontline care setting" according to Public Health England.

The patient, who arrived back in the UK today on an RAF flight, will be monitored for the remainder of their 21-day incubation period at London's Royal Free Hospital.

British medic flown home for Ebola testing

Public Health England have confirmed that a British healthcare worker has been flown home from Sierra Leone and admitted to London's Royal Free Hospital for Ebola testing.

The specially-designed tent at the Royal Free hospital within which patients are kept in isolation Credit: Royal Free London

Professor Paul Cosford, PHE’s director for health protection and medical director, said: “Our thoughts are with this person, who has been courageous in helping those affected in West Africa, and in preventing the wider spread of Ebola.

“We have strict, well-tested protocols in place for this eventuality and we are confident that all appropriate actions have been taken to support the healthcare worker concerned and to protect the health of other people.”

The hospital said the individual is likely to have been exposed to the Ebola virus but has not been diagnosed with the disease and does not have symptoms.


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