UK moves closer to 'three-parent babies' after historic vote

Britain has moved a step closer to becoming the first country to allow the creation of babies with DNA from three different people after MPs overwhelmingly backed new legislation.

MPs voted in favour of mitochondrial donation techniques by 382 to 128 in the historic Commons vote.

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MPs urged to take 'bold step' in babies vote

MPs should take a "bold step" and vote in favour of allowing the creation of babies by three different people, Public Health Minister Jane Ellison has said.

Public Health Minister Jane Ellison speaking to MPs.

Ellison told MPs that the technique provided the "only hope" for some women.

"This is a bold step for Parliament to take but it is a considered and informed step," she said in the Commons.

"This is world-leading science within a highly-regulated regime."

'Three-person' baby proposal fails on ethics and safety, says MP

MP Fiona Bruce has said the current proposals on 'three-parent' familes fails on both ethics and safety.

MP Fiona Bruce

In a debate in commons she said: "In effect if we pass these regulations today the techniques will be applied to the creation of children without clinical trials.

"In other words we will be approving uncontrolled, because there will be no controls, uncontrolled experimentation on children."


IVF pioneer: 'three-parent procedure like a transfusion'

IVF pioneer Lord Robert Winston has likened treatment which would allow babies to be created with DNA from three people to an anemic person having a blood 'transfusion'.

He told ITV News the treatment to prevent mitochondrial disease, and prevent children being born with genetic disorders, was effectively a 'transfusion' type treatment:

Poll: Should Britain allow 'three-parent' babies?

MPs will vote today on whether to allow babies to be created using the DNA of three people, effectively creating a 'three-parent' baby.

Supporters of the controversial treatment say allowing faulty DNA to be replaced before birth would be a major step forward in preventing genetic diseases.

Critics argue the procedure would amount to creating 'designer babies' and state that no clinical trials to test the effectiveness on humans have been carried out.

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Hague: MPs will vote with their 'own conscience' on three-parent babies issue

William Hague has said that MPs will be given a free vote today on the issue of whether or not to allow three-parent families.

The former Conservative leader said he personally would be voting yes in today's vote but that other "MPs can decide according to their own concience".

He spoke to Good Morning Britain about the controversial issue:


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