David Cameron warns of Labour 'ransom notes'

David Cameron has given a stark warning to voters of the "chaos" of a minority Labour government held to ransom by the SNP and Liberal Democrats, as he embarks on a 1,300-mile trail over the final 36 hours of the election campaign.

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PM tells Brits in Lib Dem-held seats: 'Vote Conservative'

David Cameron has said anyone in a Liberal Democrat-held seat should vote Conservative to avoid the prospect of a Labour-SNP government.

Asked whether he will need Nick Clegg to form a government after May 7, the prime minister told ITV News' James Mates: "I have a clear message for anyone in a Liberal Democrat held seat and that is vote Conservative.

"If you vote Liberal Democrat you don't know what you are going to get. Nick Clegg was very clear at the weekend he's just as likely to support an Ed Miliband-SNP government - that would bring the country to a juddering halt - than he is to support the Conservatives."

Boris Johnson: I've never been so worried by Labour

Boris Johnson says he has never "been so worried" about the prospect of Labour returning to power.

Boris Johnson speaking at an event in Hendon. Credit: ITV News

"Never in my life - this is the sixth election I have fought - never have I been so worried about what could happen under Labour," Mr Johnson, speaking alongside David Cameron, said in Hendon.

The Mayor of London said Mr Miliband had "junked sensible centrism under Tony Blair" in favour of an anti-business message which would drive investment and jobs away from the UK.

He also warned of what he called the "chaos" of a Labour government working with the SNP, claiming Alex Salmond would have "his feet up on Miliband's desk in Downing Street holding out his glass for more pink champagne paid for by the English taxpayer".


Cameron: I'm the firefighter, Miliband is the arsonist

David Cameron has compared himself to a "firefighter" and Ed Miliband to an "arsonist" as he outlined his vision ahead of Thursday's election.

David Cameron, the Conservative leader. Credit: ITV News

"I feel like the firefighter, hosing down the burning building, and there's Ed Miliband - the arsonist - saying 'why aren't you doing it quicker?'," Mr Cameron said at an event in Twickenham, south-west London.

Brandishing the infamous note left by Labour's Liam Byrne, Mr Cameron said "everything" at this election "comes back to the economy".

Mr Cameron was briefly interrupted by a heckler during his speech but the prime Minister said: "You need to listen to this sir, it's important - if you don't want chaos you need to get out and vote Conservative."

Theresa May: Tories can still win a majority

Theresa May insists the Conservatives can still win a majority at next Thursday's election.

Theresa May. Credit: PA Wire

Despite polls predicting another hung parliament, Mrs May refused to discuss the prospect of any post-election deal, saying the Tories were still focused on winning the 23 seats needed to form a majority government.

"We just need 23 seats in order to be able to get that - that would enable us to be able to have the stability to secure the country and people's future," the home secretary told the BBC.

"The alternative on Thursday is for people to vote for a Labour government propped up by the SNP."

She said a Labour-SNP government would mean "higher taxes, more borrowing, more spending on welfare" and further debt.

Don't fall for Labour 'chaos', pleads Cameron

David Cameron is to give a stark warning to voters of the "chaos" of a minority Labour government held to ransom by the SNP and Liberal Democrats.

As he embarks on a frenetic 1,300-mile trail over the final 36 hours of the election campaign, the prime minister will claim the constant "bribes" and "back-room dealing" at Westminster would wreak havoc on the economy and drive up interest rates.

David Cameron will be on the campaign trail for 36 hours Credit: PA Wire

The dramatic warning, due to be delivered at a rally in the South West, comes with the polls still showing the Tories and Labour effectively deadlocked.

Appealing directly to Ukip supporters and voters in Lib Dem seat, Cameron will seek to drive home his message about the chaos that would ensue if he is ejected from power.

"You don't have to imagine the chaos there'd be if Ed Miliband became Prime Minister," he will tell a rally.

I say to voters in Lib Dem seats, the only way to avoid Miliband-SNP and economic chaos is to vote Conservative this time,

I say to Ukip voters, the only way to avoid Milliband and the SNP is to vote Conservative this time.

– David Cameron

"Just watch the news. Nicola Sturgeon is on the television all day, every day, telling us she plans to put Ed Miliband into No10 - so that she could hold him to ransom every time there's a vote in the House of Commons.

The prime minister added that Nick Clegg was "no better".

"He told The Times he could happily support a Labour minority government propped up by the SNP."

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