Missing Bradford family were stopped from leaving UK in March

The Bradford sisters missing with their nine children were stopped from leaving the UK in March, ITV News has learned.

Their trip to Saudi Arabia was rebooked for May but there is no suggestion they were intending to travel to Syria at that time. Police are now trying to work out when the trip was planned.

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Missing family feared to have been recruited by IS

The three sisters and their nine children have not been heard from for a week. Credit: ITV News

Landing in Istanbul at 7am, the missing Bradford family had all day to make their way south to the Syrian border.

Clearly, they went to some lengths to cover their tracks and leave as little a paper trail as possible, before and after the flight.

The authorities will want to know who recruited them and when - perhaps it happened in Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps 12 days of strict religious observance on pilgrimage in Medina, Islam's second holiest site, left them extremely vulnerable to the recruiters of the Islamic State.

'No inkling' anything was wrong with Bradford family

A lawyer for relatives of the missing Bradford family has said there was "no inkling" anything was wrong before they disappeared.

Mariya, Ismaeel and Zaynab Iqbal have been missing for a week. Credit: Ross Parry

Balaal Khan said when the women and children had been in Saudi Arabia they were in regular contact with family members.

He told a press conference: "They said 'we're missing you, we want to come home.' There was no indication they had been radicalised."

Mr Khan said they followed a "moderate version of Islam" but were non-political and "just normal people".

Zaynab Iqbal (front) with her older brothers Junaid and Ibrahim. Credit: Ross Parry

The 12 family members had been due to return on a flight to Manchester Airport on June 11.

Sugra Dawood, 34, fled with her five children (pictured above) Junaid, 15, Ibrahim, 14, Zaynab, eight, Mariya, five and three-year-old Ismaeel.

Also missing are Zohra Dawood, 33, and her two daughters Haafiyah, eight and Nurah, five, and Khadija Dawood, 30, and her son and daughter, Maryam, seven, and Muhammed, five.


Missing Bradford family paid cash for flights to Turkey

A document showing the flights were paid for in cash. Credit: ITV News

The missing Bradford family paid for their flights from Saudi Arabia to Turkey in cash at the last minute, sources have told ITV News.

The three women and nine children travelled on Turkish Airlines flight TK 99, which landed in Istanbul at 7am on Tuesday June 9.

There was no onward Turkish Airlines booking to another destination, ITV News understands.

Earlier today the husbands of the three woman made tearful appeals for their families to return.

All 12 missing family members boarded flight to Turkey

Credit: ITV News

All 12 members of the missing 'Syria-bound' family boarded a flight to Istanbul, it was confirmed today.

Family lawyer Balaal Khan said the three women and nine children were due to return from Saudi Arabia to Manchester on June 11.

But Mr Khan said West Yorkshire Police had now confirmed all 12 had boarded a flight to Istanbul.

Turkey shares a border with Syria and is well-known as being a transit route for jihadists wanting to get into the country to join terror groups such as IS.

Husband's plea to missing wife: 'Come home, I'm not angry'

The husband of the second missing Bradford woman, believed to have fled to Syria, has said he is not angry and begged for her to come home.

Khadija Dawood, 30, has left with her son and daughter but today her husband Mohammed Shoaib told a press conference they were in a "perfect relationship".

He added: "I'm not angry. Everything is normal. Please come home."

'I can't live without you' father makes desperate appeal

The husband of one of the women from Bradford believed to have travelled to Syria with their children has made a desperate appeal for information about his family.

Akhtar Iqbal, husband of Sugra Dawood, directly appealed to his family, saying: "All of you, I can't live without you. Please, please come back home."


Bradford husband makes tearful appeal to family

Credit: ITV News

The husband of one of the Bradford women believed to have fled to Syria with their children has made a tearful appeal for them to contact him.

Akhtar Iqbal told a press conference: "It's been eight, nine days and we don't know where are you. I miss you, I love all, all of you, I love you a lot.

"I can't live without you. Please call me, at least I'll know where are you. Are you safe?"

'Let Bradford kids come home and have childhood back'

A neighbour of the children feared to have been taken to Syria says their mothers should bring them home and let them "have their childhood back".

"On this road everyone is worried about the children. Bring them home safely and let them have their childhood back," Desmond Fernandez told ITV News.

Desmond Fernandez speaking today. Credit: ITV News
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