Tim Farron elected new Liberal Democrat leader

Tim Farron has been elected as the new Liberal Democrat leader, following a vote of party members to decide who should succeed Nick Clegg.

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Farron vows Lib Dem 'fight back' has begun

Tim Farron, the newly elected leader of the Liberal Democrats, has promised supporters his party's "fight back" has begun.

"We have no automatic right to bounce back," he said, "We have to do it ourselves, but we will. I am going to make sure of it."

Farron was addressing hundreds of party activists for the first time as leader.

His party suffered an embarrassing set back in the May general election when its support base deserted it and it was left it with only eight MPs.

Farron won the party's leadership election on Tuesday with 56.5% of the vote, beating rival Norman Lamb.

Lib Dems congratulate Farron on leadership win

Liberal Democrats were quick to congratulate Tim Farron on his election as party leader.

Nick Clegg, the former Lib Dem leader, tweeted his congratulations, but warned Farron the role was a "tough job".

Clegg led the party during its time in power as part of the coalition government, and to a disastrous election defeat earlier in the year.

Simon Hughes, who lost his seat as MP for Bermondsey in the last election, and Mike Thornton, the former MP for Eastleigh, also tweeted their congratulations to Farron.

Paddy Ashdown, the Lib Dem Grandee who had backed Farron's rival Norman Lamb in the build up to the election also tweeted his congratulations.

Farron claimed victory over rival Norman Lamb who had been a minister in the coalition government.


Rival congratulates Farron on Lib Dem leadership win

Norman Lamb tweeted his congratulations to rival Tim Farron on his election as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Mr Lamb, MP for North Norfolk, had the backing of senior Lib Dems, but Farron had been the bookies' choice to win.


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