Fence-building Hungary defends action over 'brutal threat'

Hungary's prime minister has said eastern European nations are forced to protect themselves from the "brutal threat" of mass migration until the EU organises a united response to the refugee crisis.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government has built a fence to keep out refugees on the Serbian border and is rapidly constructing a similar 3.5-metre-high steel fence on the Croatian border.

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Thousands of refugees enter Austria

Around 10,000 refugees and migrants entered Austria from Slovenia and Hungary yesterday, according to Austrian police.

Hungary sealed its borders on Wednesday prompting many to seek an alternative route through Croatia. They were later transported to Hungary by Croatian authorities, who in turn bused them to the Austrian border.

Earlier this week a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said Austria would reserve its right to deny entry to refugees who do not request asylum.


Hungary: Croatia 'abandoned' EU rules on migrants

Hungary said Croatia's move to send migrants across the border violated Hungarian sovereignty Credit: Reuters

Hungary has hit back at Croatia accusing it of abandoning cooperation with its EU partners by sending thousands of migrants across the border accompanied by Croatian police.

Peter Szijjarto, Hungary's foreign minister, said Croatia had "lied in the face" of other EU nations by suggesting there was a bilateral agreement between the two countries regarding the migrants.

"Croatia's government has continuously lied in the face of Hungarians, Croatians, of the EU and its citizens," Mr Szijjarto said, the latest comments in a series of tit-for-tat condemnations between the two nations. "What kind of European solidarity is this?"

He said: "Instead of honestly making provision for the immigrants, it sent them straight to Hungary."

Refugee in Slovenia describes his 'shock' at the situation

An asylum-seeker from the Iraqi capital of Baghdad has described his shock at arriving in Slovenia to find a barrier erected at the border and a line of police standing behind it.

Ammar Jessem, a 24-year old dentist said none of his fellow travellers want to stay and would prefer to continue travelling towards Austria on foot.

"They said 'the border is open now, and you will just cross it'. So we crossed the Croatian border, we were so happy, yeah we will go on to Slovenia, and when we came here and we were obviously shocked with the situation when we saw it", Mr Jessem said.

"We don't want to stay here we want to go to Austria, from Austria we go everywhere". he added.

Croatian PM: Hungary will be 'forced' to take refugees

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic Credit: Reuters

Croatia has "forced" Hungary to take in migrants and refugees and will continue to do so, Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic has said.

"We forced them, by sending people up there. And we'll keep doing it," Milanovic told reporters in the northeastern town of Beli Manastir, from where buses and trains packed with migrants were sent north to Hungary on Friday.

Hungary accuses Croatia of 'let down' over refugees crisis

Refugees look on as they change buses on the Croatian-Hungarian border Credit: Reuters

Hungary has accused Croatia of letting it and the European Union down by failing to defend its borders, a Hungarian government spokesman has said.

"Croatia has let down not just Hungary but the EU and has given up on all legal commitments that bind it", Zoltan Kovacs told reporters.

He also said Croatia was "continuously" bringing refugees to Hungary's border, he said.


Recap: Thousands left stranded in refugees crisis

Refugees hold banners as they protest at the Tovarnik railway station in Croatia. Credit: Reuters

Thousands of refugees and migrants are stuck in limbo as efforts continue to hold them back as a "tug-of-war" continues between some EU states about how to handle the crisis.


  • Military reservists have been called up to help deal with the "mass migration situation", according to Hungarian news agency MTI.
  • On Friday, the government said more than 4,000 refugees and migrants arrived in the country from Croatia.
  • A Croatian train said to have been carrying over 1,000 refugees and 40 policeman was seized after crossing the border. The train driver was reportedly arrested
  • Hungary has accused Croatia of encouraging refugees to illegally cross borders and "shipping" them to Hungary without prior consultation.


  • More than 17,000 migrants and refugees have arrived in the country since Wednesday after Hungary closed its borders.
  • Despite its initial "open-door" policy, Croatia has now said it can no longer offer refuge and people will be moved on.
  • All but one of its border crossing points have been closed.


  • Slovenia has sent back trainloads of refugees and migrants and blocked the path of those trying to reach the country on foot from Croatia.
  • Riot police used what appeared to be pepper spray on a crowd trying to cross the border from the Croatian village of Harmica, Reuters reports.
  • Slovenia is a member of Europe's Schengen zone of border-free travel.
  • With around 1,000 migrants expected to enter Slovenia in the next 24 hours, it has said it plans to abide by EU rules by receiving asylum requests but returning illegal migrants.

A record 473,887 refugees and migrants - most of them from countries at war such as Syria- have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe so far this year, according to the International Organisation for Migration.

Hungary calls up reservists to help with 'mass migration'

Hungarian policemen direct migrants as they change buses after they crossed the border from Croatia. Credit: Reuters

Hungary has called up military reservists to help deal with the "mass migration situation", Reuters reports,citing Hungarian news agency MTI.

Defence minister Istvan Simicsko reportedly made the decision at the request of the chief of the Hungarian general staff.

Reservists would primarily be used to staff garrisons left empty by soldiers deployed to the border, but could be assigned to other duties, MTI said.

Hundreds remain stranded on Slovenia-Croatia border

Hundreds of migrants and refugees remain stranded on the Slovenia-Croatia border in Obrezje, as the European nations remain divided over how to handle the crisis.

Police stand guard to prevent the migrants and refugees from crossing. Credit: APTN
Many who camped overnight are reportedly without food and water Credit: APTN
A young girl is held by a policeman Credit: PA
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