Farage tells Ukip: Put country before party to ensure EU exit

Nigel Farage has urged Ukip to "put the country before the party" to ensure Britain votes to leave the European Union in the upcoming in/out referendum.

"I want us to dedicate ourselves wholly to winning that referendum," the Ukip leader told activists at the party's annual conference in Doncaster.

Mr Farage later refused to say whether he would resign if Britain chooses to remain in the EU when asked by ITV News' Lewis Vaughan Jones.

Meanwhile, Lynton Crosby - the election strategist behind the Tories' victory in May - has reportedly rejected a £2 million offer to work on the No campaign.

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Ukip's only MP admits 'loyalties' to other parties

Douglas Carswell admitted he still has other 'loyalties' outside of Ukip Credit: Pool

Douglas Carswell, Ukip's only MP, has admitted that he has loyalties to people in other parties when it comes to campaigning for Britain to leave the EU.

Speaking at his party's annual conference today he told Sky News: "I have a great deal of loyalty to people in all parties if they are Eurosceptic and I'm very loyal to Eurosceptics because that's how we need to win the referendum."

The admission came the day after Carswell, a member on the board of the group Business for Britain who have refused to join Ukip Nigel Farage's referendum campaign, was accused by his party leader of maintaining 'residual loyalties' to his former allies in the Tory party,

Carswell takes centre-stage at Ukip conference after clash

A row erupted between Douglas Carswell (left) and millionaire donor Arron Banks Credit: PA

Ukip's only MP Douglas Carswell is due to take centre stage at the party's annual conference after he stormed out of the gathering following a row with a major donor.

The Clacton MP clashed with millionaire businessman Arron Banksover the campaign to pull Britain out of the EU.

He accused Mr Banks of acting in an undemocratic manner by saying he would be deselected as an MP unless he joined the businessman's campaign to leave the European Union.

People have chosen to brief against me and suggest I would be removed from Ukip unless I did what they said. I'm not really sure that it's for Mr Banks to decide who is and who isn't a member of Ukip.


Mr Banks called the incident a "hissy fit in a corridor" and was later overheard saying the MP was "borderline autistic" - a comment he later apologised for.

The clash on the first public day of the meeting in Doncaster overshadowed leader Nigel Farage's call for anti-European Union unity.


Farage dodges resignation question

Ukip's eurosceptic party leader Nigel Farage has dodged the question of whether or not he will resign if his party loses its bid to get Britain to leave the EU.

Farage, who said today that he will be focusing all his efforts on the upcoming in/out referendum, refused to answer the question when ITV spoke to him following his keynote speech at Ukip's annual party conference today.

He told ITV News: "Well no, we're going to win the referendum".

Farage: This is the moment to put country before party

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has told party members that "this is the moment to put country before party" as he added more fuel to his campaign to get the British public to opt out of the EU.

Addressing delegates at his party's annual political conference the staunch eurosceptic said Britain was facing a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to distance itself from European regulations and voters needed to consider what would be best for the country.

He said: "This is the moment to put country before party. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get back the independence and self-government of this nation.

"Our message is clear, we want our country back."


Farage: Corbyn is 'a gift to Ukip'

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour's new leader has been a 'gift to Ukip' and will see his party pick up more votes in future.

Speaking on the first day of the Ukip party conference Farage said Corbyn's turnaround on his previous eurosceptic stance would cost him in the polls.

He said: "I believe a whole new flank of the Labour vote is there for Ukip, I think Corbyn is a gift to Ukip."

Poll: Two thirds of businesses want to stay in EU

The results of a new poll have shown almost two thirds of business people would vote to remain in the EU if a referendum on Britain's membership was held tomorrow.

According to the poll, carried out by the British Chambers of Commerce, the majority of those asked would vote to stay in the EU and only 27% would opt to leave.

would vote to stay in the EU
would opt to leave the EU
1 in 10
still undecided

The results of the poll were released as Nigel Farage claimed today that Britain has a 50/50 chance of leaving the EU.

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