One dead after US F-18 jet crashes in Suffolk

One person died when a US F-18 jet crashed near RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire Police have confirmed.

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Video shows doomed US jet taking off from RAF Lakenheath

The last pictures of a doomed military jet have been obtained by ITV News Anglia.

The video shows six FA-18 Hornet jets taking off from RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.

Moments later one crashed in a field killing the pilot.

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Jet crash witness: 'It was incredibly low and something sounded wrong'

A witness has described the moment a US jet crashed near her home.

The aircraft came down in a field shortly after taking off from RAF Lakenheath.

Hannah Bridges said: "It was obviously the plane.

"It was so loud it rattled stuff in the house. I've never heard anything like that before and we have planes fly over constantly."

"It was incredibly low and something sounded wrong.

"I think it must have come over ours and literally come down. I can't really explain the noise to you."

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Pilot killed in US fighter jet crash, embassy confirms

The pilot of a US fighter jet was killed when the plane crashed into farmland on the Suffolk-Cambridgeshire border, the US Embassy in London has confirmed.

The single-seat jet was a supersonic F-18, the embassy added. An investigation has now been launched by the Air Force.

The plane had taken off from the RAF Lakenheath air base, and came down near Redmere.

Reports suggest it was heading back to the US after deployment in the Middle East when it crashed.

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Emergency services at scene of US jet crash

Emergency services are at the scene of jet crash in Cambridgeshire, where one person has been confirmed dead.

The US F-18 fighter jet came down in farmland in Redmere near RAF Lakenheath.

Police cars at the scene of a jet crash. Credit: ITV News Anglia
The plane came down in farmland in Cambridgeshire. Credit: ITV News Anglia
The crash happened in Redmere near Ely. Credit: ITV News Anglia

One person dead after US Air Force jet crash

One person has died after a US F-18 Hornet fighter jet crashed near an RAF base in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire Police have confirmed.

A F-18 Hornet, similar to the one reportedly crashed in Suffolk Credit: Reuters

A Cambridgeshire Police spokeswoman told ITV News there was one person - the pilot - on board the plane at the time of the crash, but could not confirm whether they were the person who died.

The plane came down around Redmere, near RAF Lakenheath.

Witnesses reported seeing an "explosion" in the sky.

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Witness says jet 'exploded mid-air'

An eyewitness has reported seeing an explosion in the air shortly before a US Air Force jet came down in Suffolk.

The plane, thought to be an F-18 Hornet fighter jet, is believed to have come down around five miles north west of RAF Lakenheath.

The witness told ITV Anglia that they saw a pilot eject before the plane exploded in the air.


US fighter jet 'crash landed in Cambridgeshire farmland'

An F-18 fighter jet from the US Air Force is believed to have crash landed in farmland in Redmere, near Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Police attended a plane crash in Redmere, not far from Lakenheath Credit: Google Maps

A police spokeswoman confirmed emergency services had been called to the scene of a plane crash in the area, but said it was not known whether there were any casualties.

US Air Force jet 'crashes in eastern England'

The US Air Force in the UK has confirmed it is investigating reports that one of its jets has crashed in eastern England.

The plane, reportedly an F-18 Hornet fighter jet, is believed to have come down around five miles north west of RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.

According to the monitoring website, the pilot ejected before the plane hit the ground.

Other reports suggest the FA-18 was one of six returning to the US via Britain, after combat deployment to Middle East.

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