Climate in Crisis: ITV News investigates ahead of Paris talks

ITV News Science Correspondent Alok Jha has travelled across India to investigate the environmental challenges facing the country ahead of a major climate conference in Paris later this month.

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India 'to produce 1bn tonnes of coal a year by 2019'

India is currently the third largest coal producing country in the world after China and the USA and according to experts they could be producing as much as 1bn tonnes of coal a year by 2019.

As the country's coal industry continues to rapidly grow we take a look at some of the key figures involved:

tonnes of coal produced in India between 2014-15
tonnes of coal expected to be produced in India by 2019
the daily pay for separating and breaking coal in a depot
of power plants in India were coal-based last year
the year that the IEA predict India will become the world's second largest coal producer

Air pollution is causing a 'health disaster' in India

One of India's top doctors has told ITV News that the country is facing an unprecedented health crisis because of air pollution.

ITV News Science Correspondent Alok Jha has just returned from Delhi - the most polluted city in the world - where he was working on a series of dispatches about climate change ahead of international talks later this month.

Professor Neelam Kler told him that India is heading towards a "health disaster" because of a growing number of illnesses and diseases linked to poor air quality.

Three people an hour are said to die from air pollution-related illness in India, according to medics.

Watch the first of Alok Jha’s “Climate in Crisis” reports from India on Tuesday's ITV Evening News and News at Ten.


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