PM: UK Airstrikes will help bring political deal in Syria

Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted UK airstrikes will help to bring about a political settlement in Syria, as RAF Typhoons carry out their first attacks on so-called Islamic State.

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RAF targets IS revenue streams with oilfield airstrikes

Bombing oilfields in eastern Syria was an attempt to hit so-called Islamic State's revenue stream, but it was also a static, guaranteed target for Britain's first mission over the country.

It is hoped the strikes will stop the production of oil that funds IS, as ITV News correspondent Emma Murphy reports.


Striking oilfields in Syria will hit IS 'where it really hurts'

Targeting oil wells controlled by so-called Islamic State in Syria will hit the terror group “harder where it really hurts”, defence secretary Michael Fallon has said.

Four RAF Tornados targeted the Omar oilfield in eastern Syria on Thursday morning, with Mr Fallon saying the mission was believed to have been successful.

He said it was important to strike the oilfields because it would damage IS’s finances.

“This is hitting Isil/Daesh harder where it really hurts because they depend on oil revenue,” said Mr Fallon.

Four extra Typhoon jets touchdown at RAF Akrotiri

Four additional Typhoon jets have arrived at RAF Akrotiri.

The jets, from RAF Lossiemouth, will support airstrikes against IS now that the campaign has been extended to include targets in Syria as well as Iraq.

A further two Typhoons as well as two Tornados are due to join the aircraft already on the base in Cyprus shortly.


Salmond: Tony Benn would be 'burling in his grave'

Tony Benn, the late father of Hilary Benn, would be "burling in his grave" over his son's speech supporting UK airstrikes in the Commons, former SNP leader Alex Salmond has said.

Salmond said Tony Benn would be 'burling in his grave' over his son Hilary's speech Credit: PA

Mr Salmond told LBC Radio: "His father, whose speech I heard in the Iraq debate all these years ago, would be burling (spinning) in his grave hearing a speech in favour of a Tory prime minister wanting to take the country to war and that’s just a reality."

Hilary's niece Emily attacked the comments, tweeting that she found Mr Salmond's remarks "deeply offensive":

Cameron: Military action in Syria 'is going to take time'

Britain's "complex and difficult" military action in Syria "is going to take time" and will require patience and persistence, Prime Minister David Cameron has said.

Mr Cameron said: "There was a compelling case for extending our airstrikes from Iraq to Syria and I was glad to see such strong support right across Parliament actually from members of six different political parties voting in favour of this necessary action."

But he warned that the UK needed to be "patient and persistent" and that the action would "take time".

Ken Livingstone supports deselection of pro-war MPs

Ken Livingstone Credit: ITV News

Ken Livingstone has said Labour MPs who voted in favour of airstrikes in Syria should be prepared to be deselected as candidates for the next election.

The former London mayor said: "When I was the MP in Brent East the right wingers wanted to get rid of me, they ran candidates against me. I didn't say it was wrong for them to do that.

"They had the right to have an MP that reflected their views. I managed to win, but it gave the party membership a vote on it and i think that's absolutely right."

UK airstrikes 'concrete demonstration of solidarity'

Laurent Fabius Credit: Reuters

The vote to launch UK airstrikes targeting IS in Syria is a concrete demonstration of solidarity with France, the French foreign affairs minister has said.

I welcome the vote by the British House of Commons authorising an intensification of the United Kingdom's military efforts in the fight against Daesh (so-called Isil) by extending them to Syria.

Through this vote and these actions, the UK is signalling its determination to combat Daesh. A fortnight after the 13 November attacks, this is a concrete demonstration of solidarity with our country.

– Laurent Fabius
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