PM: UK Airstrikes will help bring political deal in Syria

Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted UK airstrikes will help to bring about a political settlement in Syria, as RAF Typhoons carry out their first attacks on so-called Islamic State.

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Corbyn refuses to comment on Syria airstrikes vote

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn Credit: ITV News

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn refused to comment when asked about the vote on extending airstrikes to target IS in Syria.

Leaving his home this morning, Corbyn avoided questions from reporters who asked what his response was to the vote being approved.

British fighter jets began airstrikes in Syria just hours after MPs voted to approve military action in the war-torn country on Wednesday night.


Benn: Thoughts with brave men and women of RAF

Hilary Benn today said his thoughts are with the "brave men and women of the RAF" after being praised for his Commons speech calling on Labour to back extending military action against IS in Syria.

Speaking outside his home, the shadow foreign secretary refused to comment on the praise he had received for Wednesday night's speech, which Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said would "go down as one of the truly great speeches made in this House of Commons".

Typhoon jets leave UK for RAF Akrotiri

Six extra Typhoon jets are en route to RAF Akrotiri, the Defence Minister confirmed.

The jets took off from RAF Lossiemouth as Michael Fallon announced he was doubling the strike force against IS in Syria.

Two more Tornado jets are also being sent to the UK RAF base in Cyprus after MPs voted to approve military action targeting IS in Syria.


RAF captain 'confident' of no civilian casualties in Syria

An RAF captain has said he is "absolutely confident" that there will be no civilian casualties as air strikes were launched over Syria.

Captain Richard Davies, of RAF Marham, told the BBC no civilian casualties had been reported in Iraq where the RAF has carried out more than 400 airstrikes.

In over 400 air strikes that the RAF has carried out in Iraq, we have had absolutely no civilian casualties reported.

The rules of engagement that our crews apply both in the air and by the commanders on the ground mean that I am absolutely confident that that will continue to be the case with operations in Syria.

– Captain Richard Davies

McDonnell: I fear innocent lives will be lost

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said he feared innocent lives would now be lost now the Government had expanded airstrikes on Syria.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell Credit: PA Wire

McDonnell, who voted against the strikes, told BBC Radio 4's Today: "Parliament has now made a decision and my view now is we wish our military, our pilots, safe home and we pray and hope that innocent lives will not be lost. I fear that they will.

"I didn't support the bombing of Iraq and I don't believe bombing is the right answer, but we are now engaged in war and I wish our pilots safe home.

"I am hoping now we can come to a resolution so we can move beyond the military and arrive at a political solution."

Fallon: UK airstrikes in Syria will degrade IS operations

The first British airstrikes targeting oil wells in eastern Syria were successful and deal a "real blow" to the financing of IS, the Defence Minister has said.

Michael Fallon told Good Morning Britain cutting off the terror group's source of revenue was important to begin undermining their operations in north east Syria.

Asked about the Prime Minister's repeated refusal to apologise for calling those who opposed the airstrikes "terrorist sympathisers", Mr Fallon said he was not going to comment on a phrase "that may or may not have been used in a private meeting which I wasn't at."

"What he did make clear at the beginning of the debate was that it was perfectly honorable to vote for and against (the airstrikes)," Mr Fallon added.

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