Security services attempt to identify 'Briton' in IS video

Security services are attempting to discover the identity of the man and young boy - believed to be British - who appear in a new Islamic State video.

The video shows the killing of five men IS says were spying for the UK. The masked militant directly addresses David Cameron in the message, calling him "a slave of the White House" and an "imbecile".

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'Grandmother' of boy in IS film 'devastated' by situation

Victoria Dare said she recognised the boy by his eyelashes and mouth. Credit: The One Show

A woman who claims the young boy featured in so-called Islamic State's latest propaganda film is her grandson has said the situation is "devastating".

Victoria Dare told the BBC'sThe One Show that she recognised the boy - thought to be aged under five - by his eyelashes and mouth.

She told the programme she had not seen her grandson or daughter since 2012.

"I am not taking it as he is my grandson to be in that situation," she said. "That is the way I can deal with the situation.

"That joy is taken away from me which is very devastating. I need my grandchildren, my daughter, I need them back."

The boy is seen in the video dressed in military fatigues

Labour calls for probe into how Brit on bail fled to Syria

Andy Burnham questions the Home Secretary in the Commons on Tuesday.

Labour has said there are "serious questions" to be answered over how a British man was able to flee to Syria while on bail before reportedly appearing in an IS propaganda video.

Siddhartha Dhar travelled to Syria in 2014 while on bail after being arrested on suspicion of encouraging terrorism.

There have been reports he is the masked man in so-called Islamic State's latest propaganda killings video, although the Home Secretary declined to comment on his identity in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham said whether or not Dhar is the man in the video, there had been "a major lapse in security" and called for an inquiry into how he was able to leave the country.

Theresa May said she could not comment on an "ongoing police investigation".



Cameron dismisses IS video as 'desperate' propaganda

David Cameron has described the latest Islamic State killings video, which features a British-sounding man and young boy, as "desperate stuff" from a group that is "losing territory" and "increasingly losing anybody's sympathy".

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister earlier said the released footage should be dismissed as propaganda.

The Foreign Office is examining the video which shows the apparently British militants along with the killing of five men accused of spying for the UK.

Mr Cameron was individually cited as an "imbecile" during the video by the gun-wielding jihadi with an English-sounding accent who condemned the RAF bombing campaign against IS in Iraq and Syria.

"We are examining the content of the video and the Prime Minister is being kept updated on that," his spokesperson said.

"It serves as a reminder of the barbarity of (Islamic State) and what the world faces with these terrorists. It is also clearly a propaganda tool and should be treated as such."

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