Judge to review police handling of child abuse inquiries

A former High Court judge is to examine the way historical allegations against public figures are investigated, after a request from the head of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

It comes after the force received criticism over its handling of cases, including the investigation into former home secretary Lord Brittan - who was not cleared of an allegation of rape until after his death.

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Ex-Conservative MP criticises Met Police abuse review

Harvey Proctor has previously said allegations against him have 'wrecked' his life. Credit: Lauren Hurley / PA Wire/PA Images

Former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor, who was investigated by police looking into historical allegations of sex abuse, has criticised a judge-led review into how the police handled the allegations announced by Metropolitan Police chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

Speaking on LBC radio, Mr Proctor, who was interviewed twice under caution by detectives investigating claims of an alleged VIP paedophile ring in Westminster but furiously denied any involvement, said the review was a "PR campaign".

Mr Proctor said: "It is not an independent inquiry. The commissioner has appointed his own inquiry, he has appointed his own judge - or retired judge - he has set out his own terms of reference for the inquiry.

This inquiry is a personal fluff for the commissioner and as such, it should be paid out of his own £288,000 salary. If Sir Bernard wants this inquiry, without discussing it with anyone else, he should pay for it himself.

– Former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor

Mr Proctor said it was the responsibility of Home Secretary Theresa May to announce an inquiry into "all aspects" of Operation Midland.

He added that he had received a letter saying Operation Midland was still ongoing and he believed Mr Hogan-Howe's position had become increasingly untenable.

Mr Proctor said: "If the Home Secretary was so irrational as to give him a one or two year extension of his contract then I do not believe he will serve his full term. He will resign or be sacked when the full details of this inquiry come out in a proper investigation, not one done for his personal benefit."


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