Iain Duncan Smith attacks 'unfair' budget in first interview since resigning

Former Work and Pensions Security accuses government of making 'arbitrary cuts' which he says damages the party and the country.

In his first interview since his shock resignation on Friday, Duncan Smith accusing David Cameron and George Osborne of balancing the books on the backs of struggling working people and the vulnerable.

In an emergency reshuffle of the Cabinet Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb was named as the new Work and Pensions Secretary.

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Stephen Crabb to replace Iain Duncan Smith at DWP

Stephen Crabb will take over from Iain Duncan Smith at the Department for Work and Pensions, David Cameron has announced.

Stephen Crabb Credit: PA

Crabb, the MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire and former Welsh Secretary, was appointed in the wake of Duncan Smith's surprise resignation over proposed cuts to disability benefits, which sparked an emergency reshuffle of the cabinet.

Glamorgan MP Alun Cairns has been selected as the new Welsh Secretary, while Aberconwy MP Guto Bebb has been appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Wales Office and a Government Whip.

Michael Fallon: IDS resignation 'disappointing'

Michael Fallon described Duncan Smith's resignation as

Defence secretary Michael Fallon has described the resignation of work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith as "puzzling".

Mr Fallon said Duncan Smith's departure was "disappointing", but added work to make the benefit system simpler and fairer "will go on".

It's a bit puzzling because these proposals, which were his proposals, are now going to go back for further work, consulting with the charities and the disabled groups to make sure we get them right.

So it is a bit puzzling he's chosen this moment to leave.

Butt the programme of welfare reform - getting to a simpler, fairer system - will go on, as will our work in ensuring that more people get into jobs.

– Michael Fallon, defence secretary

Mr Fallon admitted current proposals to cut disability benefit require more time.

But he added that the Government's general Budget proposals, which Duncan Smith claims favour higher earners, "benefit everybody, not just the wealthy".

Iain Duncan Smith has worked in cabinet for six years and leaves behind a very strong legacy.

More people in work than at any time in our history; a drop in unemployment; a simpler, fairer benefit system and above all many fewer children living in workless households.

– Michael Fallon, defence secretary


Peter Bone: IDS quit because he is a 'man of principle'

Tory MP Peter Bone says he wasn't surprised to hear that work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith had resigned over the extent of proposed disability cuts as he is a "man of principle".

Speaking to ITV News, Mr Bone said he believed his fellow MP had left because of the "roadblock" presented by the treasury that had stopped him from being able to conduct himself in his aim to sort the welfare and benefit system out.

In a statement, Mr Bone said:

It is a great pity that Iain Duncan Smith, a man of principle, has resigned from the government.

This sorry episode illustrates why it is so important for the UK to quit the EU and stop sending our massive membership fee to Brussels, which amounts to over £15 billion a year.

Instead of making unnecessary and painful cuts to disability payments, we would have more money to spend on our own priorities.

we could maintain support for the disabled, invest in our schools and hospitals and have enough money left for a tax cut.

– Peter Bone MP

Downing Street drops 'current version' of disability cuts

Downing Street has told ITV's Political Editor Robert Peston that its 'current version' of proposed disability cuts will not go ahead.

It comes after the Chancellor's plans for a £1.3 billion a year cut in disability benefits was met with fierce opposition, including from within his own party, and even led to the resignation of work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith earlier this evening.

Corbyn says Osborne has lost credibility and should resign

Corbyn said Osborne has 'lost the credibility to manage the economy' Credit: PA

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said said that Iain Duncan Smith's shock resignation has revealed a government in disarray over cuts to welfare.

He said that chancellor George Osborne has lost credibility with the British public and should also step down over the row.

The resignation of Iain Duncan Smith reveals a Government in disarray and a Chancellor who has lost the credibility to manage the economy in the interests of the majority of our people.

The Budget has exposed George Osborne’s record of profound unfairness and economic failure. Not only must the cuts to support for disabled people be abandoned, but the Government must change economic course.

The Chancellor has failed the British people. He should follow the honourable course taken by Iain Duncan Smith and resign.

– Jeremy Corbyn


IDS 'worked tirelessly to help those on welfare', says MP

Andrew Percy said Iain Duncan Smith's resignation was a 'big surprise' Credit: PA

Iain Duncan Smith worked 'tirelessly' to hep those on welfare, a Conservative MP has said after the work and pensions secretary resigned over the extent of cuts.

Andrew Percy suggested that the latest round of cuts - including controversial curbs to disability payments - may have been forced on the department by Downing Street in comments to BBC News.

I give maximum respect for Iain who has over many years worked really tirelessly for welfare reform.

All of his reforms, though I have not necessarily agreed with every single one of them, have at least been premised on the basis of trying do for what is right for people on welfare and make changes according.

They have not been about money and these most recent pit changes which I think were forced on Iain were about money and that was not acceptable.

– Andrew Percy MP

Sturgeon: IDS resignation shows need for benefits rethink

Sturgeon said it was 'time for a fundamental rethink' Credit: PA

Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the SNP and first minister of Scotland, has called for the government to immediately reverse planned cuts to disability benefits in the wake of Iain Duncan Smith's resignation.

Ms Sturgeon said the decision of the work and pensions secretary to quit in protest showed the need for a "fundamental rethink" on the Conservative Party's welfare policy.

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